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Welcome to the
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of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
on StarLink-IRC.Org IRC

StarLink-IRC.Org Info:

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StarLink was founded July 15, 1996 and StarLink-IRC.Org was founded January 1, 1997 (even though the #SLAA Online Group was founded earlier on January 30, 1996 using other unnamed servers.) Just like most local SLAA meetings are conducted in churches or hospitals, StarLink-IRC.Org provides us a meeting room and various services (like giving the operators special “hats” to “wear”) at no charge.

They host many rooms (or channels) for many members (in recovery or to have clean “family” fun). Over the years, many of the trusted servants in our #SLAA Online Group room have come to know many of the StarLink-IRC.Org operaters on a close nickname basis. They indirectly support our recovery; they are aware of our rooms and our purpose. Since SLIRC hosts rooms for SLAA, SCA, SAA, and also several rooms for AA/NA and other recovery or support programs (like autism), they have been in a unique, yet supportive, position of occasionally recommending our room to people that come onto the SLIRC servers and are “lost” in the world of Internet Relay Chat.

If you ever need some technical assistance or need to report a person for violating some of our strongest behavior concerns (actively seeking sex; advertising/spam; suggesting other networks than SLIRC; warez; or recurring abusive language/behavior), please do not hesitate to seek advice from them. They tend to “hang out” in two rooms — #channels and #terranova.

Once there, you can verify that users in that room are really SLIRC staff by looking for an @ character before the nickname, which indicates a channel operator/administrator.

Type “/msg cstar help” to get a general rundown of how to report a problem if no one is available

Please also review the tab to the left called “Guidelines for Meetings, Behavior & Problems” for detailed instructions about the operation of the #SLAA Online Group. We certainly encourage you to email us at, but you can also email SLIRC at

Some documents of interest about StarLink-IRC: — The SLIRC Charter — The SLIRC Channel Service Charter — SLIRC frequently asked questions (simple overview) — SLIRC frequently asked questions (3.4 deeper — realize that most members are at level “1”) — Some interesting SLIRC history — SLIRC email & contact list — SLIRC note on Child-Safe Chatting (NOTE! Users of #slaa and #slaa2 must be over 18 years of age)

SLIRC’s policy is, and always has been, to make the net a clean, safe, and friendly place to chat. Their goal has been to RUN the net, so what you see, is what you get. Channel lists aren’t inflated... if a channel is abandoned, it is deleted. There are no bots holding channels open to inflate the channel counts either. It's an honest net. They deliver what they promise, and try their best to make sure they are delivering what people want in a family-friendly chat network.

StarLink-IRC was founded on one concept: a cybertown, where the net is the village and the channels are the “homes.” The SLIRC staff are simply the groundskeepers, road crews, and tourist bureau for our little cybertown. It is the residents... our users and visitors... that make it the pleasant place to chat that it has become over the years. They can just dust the neighborhood It is up to all of us to make it a place worth visiting.