Business Meeting Minutes 12/10/13

Serenity Prayer

· Review and approve Agenda December 10, 2013
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· Review and approve November 5, 2013 Business Minutes
· Liaison Report - Bob D

Old Business

Motion 1: Karishma to be approved and voted by Group Conscience for Co- Chariperson. Rose resigned due to other commitments. Karishma has been serving in this position.  Note(s):  Motion Passed

It will be possible in the future, if needed, to add/change/delete responsibilities or move them between officers. [2/23/99]
Co-ChairpersonPerform all functions of Chairperson in his/her absence.  Serve on all committees with Chairperson Assist Chairperson as requested.  Becomes 499 level op minimum (co-owner) in #SLAA and 500 level op minimum (owner) in #SLAA2Provide input to establish officer consensus determining conflicts over restriction/bans applied for inappropriate behavior when an incident is not clear or not covered in guidelines.  One year of continuous sobriety is required (Motion passed 6/04/2013)6 months as OP is required (Motion passed 6/04/2013)
~Presented by Kenny F
Motion Approved

Motion 2: Resolved that in both the question asked of a new person in channels, and in pm, that they be written in such a way as to include that the person is considering that they might be an addict. Be it further resolved that our trusted servants be authorized to settle on the final wording. 


Current questions are given below:
In PM: Hello Harold, For the safety of our members during regularly scheduled meetings we need to ask, "Are you a sex and/or love addict or anorexic or considering if you might be one, and are 18 years old or older?"(Yes/No)
In Channel: Please pause the sharing for just a moment. Hello Harold ! This is a closed meeting for a special purpose! The only requirement for attending this meeting is that you desire to recover from the disease of sex and/or love addiction or avoidance and are 18 years old or older Harold ? . Are you here for the SLAA Meeting, Yes, or no?
~Presented by Harold
Motion Approved

New Business:
Motion 1:
 I would like to make a motion to amend our Guideline #14, by inserting the following sentence: "Repeated long idle instances need not be queried prior to kicking." Motion passed
The Guideline would then read:
Remaining in a room while not at your computer for long periods can under certain circumstances be considered an invasion of privacy. If an operator considers this a problem you will be kicked. If your computer is on auto-reconnect, you will be kicked and banned when your computer reconnects to the room. The ban will be lifted after five minutes, thus hoping to disable the auto-reconnect feature. It would typically occur if a member has been idle (away from keyboard) for more than 30 minutes if a meeting is about to start or between meetings if a member is sharing a very personal story, and 60 minutes in between meetings, so as to protect privacy in the room. OPs should query prior to kicking. Repeated long idle instances need not be queried prior to kicking. (Please note the reason for this policy is that an unmonitored computer can be viewed by anyone passing by, and therefore this policy will better ensure member privacy.) (9/15/03) and (3/1/11).
 Presented by NancyD-  Motion Passed.

Floor is Open for nominations for Secretary, Webmaster, Co Webmaster or please submit to


Open Forum: 10 Minutes

Serenity Prayer