The Business Meeting of SLAAOnline was held on Tue December 02 2008 and began at 21:39:52

The meeting was led by the Chair: Lotus and the following members of SLAAOnline were present at the meeting: L-Bob, Adele, NBM, LindaLou, MichelleS, KarlP, Trtogirl, Kenny,ChrisG, Russell, SunnyFL, Grene, Pony, Sunnylady, Lucidone, Tiff, xiaochueh,Gdog, Tess, Alex, Bobk, Chipotle, JustJ, and MM.

The meeting began with the Serenity prayer

Followed by approval of the agenda

Followed by approval of the minutes from the previous Business meeting

In the excitement of the joyousness of the meeting, the treasurer's report was forgotten.

Two motions that were on the agenda were tabled as the makers of the motions were not present. The first motion was to have the characteristics of a sex and love addict added to the scripts. This motion was tabled for the third time, and taken off the agenda permanently. The next motion was postponed until the maker of the motion could be here. The motion: to eliminate one feedback meeting and replace it with a topic meeting.

Next, great fanfare preceded the announcement of nine members wishing to be made ops! This was unprecedented in the five years that the Chair had been in SLAAOnline.

Each member shared their special reasons for wanting to be ops. Every member was accepted. There was a tie in the vote for and against Russell. This tie was broken by Russell voting for himself. Later it was realized that this was not allowed, as the membership was approving an op or not, an op could not approve himself. To save a revote from being taken again at the next biz meeting, Russell rescinded his bid to become an op.

The following members of SLAAOnline became ops tonight:

<LindaLou> !
<Grene> !
<Pony> !
<tiff> !
<trtogirl> !
<MichelleS> !
<gDog> !
<SunnyFL> !
<Russell> !

Joyous celebration ensued. The ops were reminded to look at the behavior guidelines at the website:, and reminded that they would be on probation for 30 days.

The meeting was then adjourned: End of #slaa2 buffer Tue Dec 02 21:43:17 2008