Minutes 11/2/10

Old Business:


At the discretion of Ops, reserve the last ten minutes of the meeting for newcomer chips/introductions. If no Newcomers are present or do not wish to share etc. we can re-open the floor for general sharing. If a Newcomer request the floor at anytime before the last ten minutes of the meeting Ops can still give the Newcomer the floor, and run chips and give all the salutations if they want to or if it is very busy and there are many Newcomers, they can hold the chips until the last ten minutes of the meeting. This is so that the main body of the meeting is not interrupted, but we can still introduce and welcome Newcomers properly. ****APPROVED

New Business:

New Ops: JoeD **APPROVED, EtownAlli **APPROVED, P449Tom**APPROVED


Make the Anorexia Meeting on Friday at 3pm EST, 80 minutes long instead of 60 minutes long. **APPROVED.