Pending Minutes
09/07/10 Business Meeting


Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
Review and approval of July Minutes was postponed until next month

·Report: by Webmaster on Website. KarlP presented an analysis of traffic data of our website according to US states.
·Report by Liaison on contacts with e-slaa (purpose: formation of an intergroup) and on SLAA recovery events in September 2010.

Old Business:

New Business:

New Ops: DavidW (approved)
JoeD and James2701 were not present at the meeting


Proposal: that a "consideration statement" be added to our opening scripts, or to replace existing language, and as a stand alone script. My suggested wording is as follows:

"This is a closed meeting, restricted to those who are sex or love addicts, or those who think they are.

We are here to recover from our addictions to sex and other related compulsions or obsessions. We welcome all to share in the discussion but caution all to extend consideration in the way activities, people, places and things are discussed. Graphic descriptions of activity, identification of places, websites, or people is considered unacceptable.

What may not be an issue for you, may be one for another member. Please be considerate. In the same spirit, if you are having a difficult time, we wish to extend the same consideration to you.

Remember, principles over personalities. Let us be considerate of one another" (Bob's Proposal)

Bob's proposal was tabled till next month. More discussion is required. MOTION TABLED WORDING TO BE REWRITTEN

Proposal: Reserve the last ten minutes of the meeting for newcomer chips/ Introductions. If no newcomers are present or do not wish to share etc., we can re-open the floor for general sharing. If a Newcomer requests the floor before the last ten minutes of the meeting we can still give them the floor we simply wait to welcome and run the welcome chip for them till the last ten minutes of the meeting. This is so that the main body of the meeting is not interrupted, but we can still introduce and welcome newcomers properly. (Glorry's proposal)

Due to the lateness of the hour, DUE TO LATENESS OF THE HOUR MOTION WAS TABLED