Business Meeting Minutes 09/02/14

Serenity Prayer

Review and approve September 2, 2014 agenda - passed
· Review and approve Treasurer's report - passed
· Review and approve August Minutes - passed
Liaison Report - Link - passed


Old Business:
No old business

New OPs:  None

New Business: 

Motion 1. That all links and information on the website must be verified and updated before the new design can be implemented.  ~ Presented by Susan/Lotus - passed

Motion 2. Suggested addition to our Gentle Reminder Scripts to say the following " If anyone pm's you inappropriately please report it to a operator (op) in the room or log the pm and email it to". Thanks for keeping our room safe!! ~ Presented by NancyD

Motion amended by Lotus to say, "If anyone private messages (pm) you please report it to an operator (op) in the room or log the private message and mail it in to".  Webpage to be created on how to log or copy inappropriate pms  - passed

Motion 3. That her poem " You are not my partner" be included among "Creative Submissions" on the website. ~ Presented by BethS - tabled due to time

Open Forum:

10 minutes

Serenity Prayer