Minutes for 8/5/08

People who attended: Lotus, Christina, Eric, James, Skewzme, Sunnylady, Tar, Xiaochueh, Curtis, Kenny, BillH, BobK, Lynn, Hopeful, Leslie, Odaat, Barbara, Trtogirl, Donatella, Relay, AllenH, Melanie

Kenny Opens with the serenity prayer

· Reviewed and approved the agenda
· Reviewed and approved the minutes
· Reviewed and approved the treasurers report

Went over Old Business

· Discussed and voted on Drug of Choice meeting. Motion was made to accept the meeting. Motion passed

Went over New Business

· Two new op requests

· Coolmom ( wasn't there )
· Hopeful ( Tabled due to technical difficulties )

· Discussed Nominations and voting duration

· Motion was made to table discussion on characteristics of a sex and love addict being run and put into scripts

Meeting ended with the serenity prayer