SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes August 2nd 2016

Open with Serenity Prayer

Read and approve August agenda - Passed

Announcements: None

Read and approve July minutes - Passed

Read and approve Treasurer's report - Passed

Read and review Liaison Officer's report - no vote needed


Old Business


Troy’s motion to replace webpage connecting to chat summary to revised webpage connecting to chat summary

On the SLAAOnline website:

Replace webpage: Connecting To Chat Summary

with revised webpage: Connecting To Chat Summary

- see files:#SLAA Online Group of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - Connecting To Chat Summary - Corrections tracked in green - anon 160618

Link to files:

Revised webpage files

Note: Approval means approval of both tracked changes and any WRC recommended changes in comments.

Motion passed.


New Business


Op applications

JD and SamanthaC not present - applications tabled to next meeting.


Motion from cayotejoes:

My motion is to discuss the act of devoicing or kicking as abusive behavior in cases where another resolve (or resolves) can clearly be made (with a concern for the individual as a recovering person who needs to feel safe at all times) and where the individual being addressed is evidently not a perpetrator or someone causing imminent danger to the group. The feeling I had Sunday night after getting kicked (and for the next two days) is never warranted, under any circumstances. I motion for this situation to be scrupulously and deeply examined in light of the same pattern occurring at a face to face slaa meeting, and how this can be better addressed to ensure that no one in an slaa meeting (unless they are clearly a perpetrator, and causing danger to the group) will be treated in such a manner.

Motion was discussed at length. Then the presenter accepted following amendment that supercedes the original motion:

Another separate meeting be established for the specific purpose of discussing this motion further among all, not just officers.

This amended motion was then voted on and defeated by majority vote.


Motion to adjourn (no meeting time left) was made and passed.


Closed with Serenity Prayer