Business Meeting Minutes 7/5/11


· Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved June Minutes
· Report by Liaison

Old Business:

Motion Made to: Change the wording on the first "Daytona, Florida, SLAA Group's Promise" from "we will regain control of our lives" to the first promise from AA's Promises: "We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness." *MOTION PASSED*

New Business:
*New Ops: Janeh, Lily *BOTH OPS WERE APPROVED*

*Elections Results* Lotus - Chair, Trtogirl- Co-Chair, Rose- Secretary, KarlP-Webmaster, Glorry-Co-Webmaster, Bob- Liaison, Lotus- Treasurer

Motion Made: To reimburse our Delegate to the FWS Annual Business Meeting (ABM) $300 for food, which is what the ABM is charging her for food for 4 days. This money would be taken out of the $250 returned from winning the FWS lottery we won, and $50 from the treasurery.* MOTION PLACED ON HOLD DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS*

Motion Made to: Close agenda to new items one week prior to business meeting, to allow time for preparation of agenda and posting to webpage for meeting. *MOTION PLACED ON HOLD DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS*

Motion Made: to change the 1-minute warning from bright red to the same color as our other gentle reminders *MOTION PLACED ON HOLD DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS*


*Next business meeting to be held during the day time August 2nd at 1:00 pm EST in #slaa2