Business Meeting Minutes 6/4/13

Serenity Prayer

· Review and approve Agenda June 4, 2013 - approved
· Review and approve Treasurer's report - approved
· Review and approve May Minutes - approved
· Liaison Report - Bob D - approved

Old Business:

New Business:

Sobriety requirement for OPs changed to 3 months continuous sobriety.
Sobriety requirement for officer position, 1 year continuous sobriety.
Prior OP status requirement for officers, 6 months.
Presented by Bob D - approved by group conscience

Thursday nights at 8pm EST, we have a meeting named "Healthy Relationships" focused on Chapter 8 "Building Partnerships" and excerpts from the SLAA Basic Text that discuss healthy intimate relationships.  I propose that the meeting be an hour and a half because the scripts would quote the SLAA Basic Text.
Presented By Hope - approved by group conscience

Open Forum
: 10 minutes

Serenity Prayer