Business Meeting Minutes For 6/3/08

People attended: Kenny, Confused, Lotus, Lynn, Terri, SunnyFL,
Chris, ,Hlyn, L-Bob, Sunnylady, Xiaochueh, DaniNichol, Skewzme,
Amy, Christina, PeteB, Karla, SparkyK. BobK, Loki

· A Motion was made to accept agenda for our meeting and passed
· A Motion was made to accept the March minutes and passed
· A Motion was made to accept Aprils minutes and passed
· A Motion was made to accept treasures report and passed
· Lotus made a motion to send $50.00 to Fellowship World Services
(FWS). The motion passed

Old Business: There was no old business because there was no business meeting in May

New Business:

· Christina resigned from chair position. Christina said a few words.

Lotus announces that June is the month for nominating new officers and that the voting will be in July. She listed the positions available for nominations as follows

· Chair & Co Chair
· Webmaster & Co Webmaster
· Secretary
· Liaison
· Treasurer

· Nine people nominated Lotus for the Chair position
· Christina speaks and mentions interest in secretary position
· Bobk nominates Christina for secretary position

New Ops: SparkyK was accepted as a new op on a provisional basis till he has completed his 30 days of sobriety

Lotus announces we have two new meetings that would like to be

First meeting would is a Drug of choice meeting (DOC). A motion was made
to table this discussion on this new meeting till next month. Motion Passes

Lotus then skips to another item on the agenda.

Lotus proposes a motion to post Starlink's Guidelines onto our guideline
page. The motion passed

Lotus then turns the floor over to PeteB to discuss the other meeting that he would like to be started.

PeteB discuss the next meeting as a SLAA Basic Text Book meeting. A motion to accept this meeting and was passed

PeteB makes a motion to for a committee to look at days and times
and duration of this new meeting. Motion carries and passes

Lotus makes a motion to post the new COSLAA meetings to our resource
page. Motion carries and is passed.

Meeting ends with the Serenity Prayer

Session ends June 3, 2008 11:33pm