Minutes for Business Meeting 6/2/09

· Agenda was reviewed and accepted
· Minutes were reviewed and accepted
· Treasurer's report was reviewed and accepted

Old business
No old business

New Business

New Ops were voted on and approved
· Tennispro
· Michaela
· Echo

Nominations were submitted in May, to be voted for in June:

· Christina and Vj were nominated for chair, Lynn was nominated but declined
· Christina was nominated for secretary, Alex was nominated but was disqualified due to bans
· Kenny was nominated for co-chair, as was Rose but she declined
· Echo was nominated for liaison
· KarlP was nominated for webmaster, as was TedII but he declined this year and said "maybe next year"
· Susan was nominated for co-webmaster and treasurer

It was announced that voting would take place from now until June 30th. 2009. Officers will be sworn in and take positions on July 1st. 2009. Members were reminded to please send in their votes to slaaonline@yahoo.com

We closed with the Serenity Prayer