SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes for April 2nd 2019 at 9 pm ET


troy & NancyD moderated the meeting.


Serenity Prayer - 9:00 pm US ET




troy – Roberts Rules of Order


troy - Guidelines webpage update:

The order of the Problem behaviour #1-#20 has now been re-ordered to better reflect frequency of occurrence. new order:

What behavior constitutes a problem?

#1 Members soliciting, supporting or conducting sexual activities. (11/3/15)

#2 Members abusing private messages (PM), query, DCC-chat, or any DCC or CTCP function to systematically or repeatedly harass other members. (11/3/15)

#3 Members engaging in flirting, racy talk, or attempting inappropriate sexual/social behaviors. “No” means “NO”. (11/3/15)

#4 An unattended screen (30 minutes during a meeting; 60 minutes during informal chat) can be an invasion of privacy and a violation of anonymity. If an OP considers this a problem, the member will be kicked. A computer found to be on auto-reconnect may be banned briefly to disable that feature. OPs should query prior to kicking the first time; repeat instances need not be queried prior to kicking. If the behavior persists, an OP may issue a ban. Bans may be progressive, beginning with a ban until the next scheduled meeting. No query is required prior to ban; OP should note reason for ban in system ban process and report to SLAA office. (9/15/03), (3/1/11), (12/10/13), (11/3/15) & (2/6/18)

#5 Members having more than one nick name, (except for afk, or in the case of disconnect/reconnect) or Members using someone else’s nickname in the room. (12/6/11) & (11/3/15)

#6 Members (or anyone) seeking to avoid a ban that is established in our room. This page is a proactive attempt to inform participants about the following courtesy rules — “behavior guidelines” — that have been long established by our group conscience. In the rare instance of a [channel] ban (second offense), trying to circumvent this becomes a matter that StarLink-IRC.Org will assist with. The likely result is a ban from connecting to them entirely (called a g-line or k-line). (11/3/15)

#7 Members advocating abuse of human rights, including cruelty, intolerance, child pornography, or similar subjects. (11/3/15)

#8 Member’s repeated use of offensive language in a share if warned by other’s that they are being offensive. (See note above.) (11/3/15)

#9 Members harassing other members in any way or directly expressing anger toward other members.

#10 Members engaging in rumors about other members (whether from our room or other recovery rooms). (11/3/15)

#11 Member’s repeated use of toxic or triggering comments in a share if warned by others (anyone) that they are being inappropriate. Bear in mind that we all have different issues and levels of sobriety, recovery, and tolerance. If a person asks that you tone it down, please be respectful. (11/3/15)

#12 Members consistently “cross-talking” during other member’s sharing in the main room.

#13 Members identifying themselves as a sex and/or love addict and/or avoidant, but are actually NOT a “qualified member” (or considering if they might be one) — in other words, being in the room without consideration that they, themself, might be a member desiring recovery or contemplating it. (11/3/15)

#14 Posting Web links unrelated to the Twelve Steps of Recovery, or which are political or religious in nature or otherwise considered controversial. Links which are posted must be clear that they are not affiliated with our group or SLAA as a whole (if it is not from our website or from (6/1/10) & (11/3/15)

#15 As a fellowship, S.L.A.A. has no opinion on outside issues, and seeks no controversy. S.L.A.A. is not affiliated with any other organizations, movements or causes, either religious or secular. Members need to respect the religion(s) (or lack of religion), patriotism (or lack of patriotism), or opinions of all other members. (11/3/15)

#16 Non-members entering the room under the “assumed” nickname of their spouse or significant other or another member to obtain “inside” information about their spouse or significant other or other members. (11/3/15)

#17 Members seeking to actively suggest members join “other” IRC servers than StarLink-IRC.Org (11/3/15)

#18 Cloning or flooding for the purposes of disrupting the network or its users. (11/3/15)

#19 Members providing or supporting Warez (stolen software) distribution or acquisition. (11/3/15)

#20 Members advertising/spamming any goods and/or services that involve a cost. (11/3/15)


troy - I will have to leave early. Request therefore now group conscience support for Nancy presenting if necessary my motion later re extra ABM Reading meetings. Request approved by GC.


troy - Member Lotus has offered to be the SLAA Online delegate to the SLAA ABC/M 2019. At the May BM, a motion to approve her will be proposed.


Read and approve April agenda - Link on website homepage - APPROVED


Read and approve March minutes - APPROVED


Read and approve Treasurer's report  - APPROVED


Read and review Liaison Officer's report - REVIEWED


Read and review SLAA Online Group Inventory 2019 (pdf):

(posted -


Op Applications



Old Business

Motion from Olga re Group Inventory – did not pass

Motion: To begin group inventory through special group conscience meetings which will autonomously self-select trusted servants and self-determine chief goals/objectives. This group can find a format that will best suit the uniqueness of SLAA Online and honor the time of its members (even if the fit is imperfect). All members attending regular meetings should have clear knowledge of the special inventory meetings' existence, time, and how to access. Propose that the existing mechanism for electing officers is used for first meeting: email in nominated times then vote democratically.


New Business – all new business tabled until next month due to lack of time


Motion from troy re extra ABM Reading meetings

Motion: To hold extra meetings for Reading and Reviewing of Submitted ABM 2019 Material on the 3rd Tuesday of each month April through July at 9 pm ET in #slaa2 - as needed.

Motivation: There is lots to read! Deemed insufficient time to read all during just the scheduled GC BM meetings. These extra meetings will be in addition to any Reading and Reviewing done during scheduled GC BMs.


Reading and Reviewing of ABM 2019 Material - Part #1 

1) Service Brochure (pdf)

2) 12 Steps of SLAA in Simplified English 2013-06-01 (pdf)

3) S.L.A.A. 12&12 2019 IFD (pdf)


10 Minute Open Forum - none


Serenity Prayer


Meeting adjourned - 10:23 pm US ET