Business Meeting Minutes 03/04/14

Serenity Prayer

Review and approve March 4, 2014 agenda - approved
· Review and approve Treasurer's report - approved
· Review and approve February Minutes - approved
Liaison Report - Bob D


Old Business:

Motion 1:  To send a Delegate to the Annual Business meeting and Conference of Fellowship-Wide Services of S.L.A.A. which will be held Tuesday August 5 – Friday August 8, 2014 [Presented by Susan G] - approved

Motion 2: To spend $895.00 of the treasury to register our delegate, the SLAAOnline Chair, to attend the ABM (keeping $140 in prudent reserve).  [Presented by Susan G] - approved

New Business:

Motion:  In addition to quoting the S.L.A.A. Basic Text for the Healthy Relationships meeting, that we also use the Traditions as a guide for Healthy Relationships, and to have readings from the Tools page of the website that quotes Carnes' suggestions (
[Presented by Hope]

Motion to table, moved by Lotus, seconded by Venom  -

Mover indicates a willingness to an amendment that deletes the reference to Carnes. Chair tabled the motion due to being at the 75 minute point for the meeting.

Open Forum:

10 minutes

Serenity Prayer