Minutes 03-02-08

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[19:02] -CStar- Welcome to the Business Meeting Room.

Those present:


Motion was made to accept the agenda and passed
Motion was made and passed to accept the minutes
Motion was made and passed to accept the treasurer's report

No old business for this month because all motions passed last month
[19:25] <Jennie> WOOHOO!

New business
Two new people who have applyed for op status:
Both Ops were approved

The last item on the agenda - a motion was made that all new ops must attend a new ops traing before being allowed to get op status in slaa . Lotus brought this motion up on the behalf of Kenny. She said:

[19:40] <Lotus> This is Kenny's motion
[19:40] <Lotus> and I whole heartedly endorse
[19:40] <Lotus> I suggested that it be mandatory
[19:40] <Lotus> and I look at it as protecting the new ops
[19:41] <Lotus> it will protect them from stress
[19:41] <Lotus> I remember how stressful it was being a new op
[19:41] <Lotus> it's still stressful at times
[19:41] <diane12> amen
[19:41] <Lotus> lol
[19:41] <espo> amen
[19:41] <Lotus> it will help them know how to better deal with the room
[19:41] <xiaochueh> nods
[19:41] <Lotus> what to do in certain situtions
[19:42] <Lotus> how to follow the guidelines
[19:42] <Lotus> where to find them (i.e. on the website)
[19:42] <Lotus> and it will help them to know who to ask for help)
[19:42] <Lotus> it will also help keep them from being bullied
[19:42] <Lotus> by those who know they are a newbie
[19:42] <Lotus> becasue by being trained
[19:43] <Lotus> they will gain confidence
[19:43] <Lotus> most folks are nice
[19:43] <Lotus> but there are a few
[19:43] <Lotus> mostly those who are acting out
[19:43] <Lotus> in the meeting
[19:43] <Lotus> and get called on it
[19:43] <Lotus> the new op gets bullied by them
[19:44] <Lotus> and it can really shake the new ops confidence
[19:44] <Lotus> unless they get training and menotorning from an older op

Curtis objected by saying:

[19:45] <Curtis> How many hurdles will we put in the path of new ops????
[19:46] <Curtis> They have to get a months sobriety...
[19:46] <Curtis> then wait for a business meeting....
[19:46] <Curtis> now we want them to go to meetings that don't even exist...
[19:47] <Curtis> We have been supposed to have training meetings for two months
[19:47] <Curtis> or more
[19:47] <Curtis> they have not happened....
[19:47] <Curtis> I think it is enough
[19:48] <Curtis> to have some one willing
[19:48] <Curtis> to be an op
[19:48] <Curtis> and willing to learn...
[19:48] <Curtis> If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen...
[19:48] <Curtis> Being an op is not for every one..
[19:49] <Curtis> and we should not dampen the entususiasm
[19:49] <Curtis> of a new op
[19:49] <Curtis> by making them wait longer
[19:49] <Curtis> to run meetings....
[19:49] <Curtis> done
Then Kenny, or Espo said:
[19:53] <espo> and I have no problem taking the time to help..............
[19:53] <espo> so I thought it would be a good idea for an new OP to have a person like myself spend time
with newer OP in slaa2

Then Sunnylady said:

[19:56] <sunnylady> i think it would be a good idea if it can work out for the new ops to work with old ops
[19:56] <sunnylady> even if it is no meeting going on
[19:57] <sunnylady> bully can happen so often here
[19:57] <sunnylady> and if the Op
[19:57] <sunnylady> has experienced
[19:57] <sunnylady> then it will help them
[19:57] <sunnylady> to know what to do

The motion was voted on and defeated.

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