SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2

Minutes for March 1st, 2022 at 9 pm ET


Serenity Prayer




SLAA ABC/M 2022 - Would you like to be our SLAA Online Group Delegate to the SLAA ABC/M 2022? 

SLAA Online wishes to send a delegate to the in-person SLAA ABC/M 2022, which will be held from August 9-12 at the Hilton Arden West hotel in Sacramento, California.

SLAA ABC/M 2022 Info: 

Statement from SLAA Board of Trustees re SLAA ABC/M 2022: 

It is recommended by Fellowship-Wide Services that Delegates have a working knowledge of the Steps and Traditions and be at least six months sober. It is also recommended that the length of the Delegate term is two-years (subject to group conscience).

If you would like to represent SLAA Online as our delegate please contact the office at by March 22nd.

Thank you for your service!


SLAA Online Group Inventory 2022 - Report


Approve March agenda - APPROVED


Approve February minutes - APPROVED


Approve Treasurer's report  - APPROVED


Read and review Liaison report - READ & REVIEWED


Motion from troy re Hearing of Op Application in absence of applicant

Motion: To allow for just this GC BM, hearing of an Op application from Sofia in writing, without applicant’s presence at the meeting.

Motivation: Sofia is in Europe. 9pm USA ET GC BMs are not possible for her because of timezone shift. The next scheduled 12 noon USA ET GC BM in May specifically clashes with her job.



Op Application - Sofia

Applicant not present - Op application automatically TABLED


Old Business



New Business


Motion from NancyD re Discussion of Op Guidelines

Motion: That the discussion of the Op guidelines & specifically an Op's admitted relapse with regard to reinstatement as an Op, be brought before the group at large & that a determination of how best to move forward regarding the Op's status be put to a vote by the membership.

Motivation: After more than a month of discussion among the officers of SLAA Online & keeping a member's status on hold, the Officer group has not been able to reach decisions regarding the following:

- action to be taken regarding the Op

- formulation of Officer group reply to the Op

For info: The discussion mentioned in the motion above may or may not include quotes from previous Officer communications regarding this issue.



10 min Open Forum

Troy - glad that enough turned up today to have a gc bm meeting


Serenity Prayer