Business Meeting Minutes 02/07/12

· Reviewed and approved Treasurer's report
· Reviewed and approved January Minutes
· Report made by Liaison

Old Business:

New Business:

Background: Two Motions were made: to send a representative to Fellowship-Wide Services' Annual Business Meeting (ABM) again this year, ( like last year). Susan/Lotus volunteered to go, as the ABM is about two hours away from where she lives, and she volunteered to pay for her room and all food. The second motion was for the registration Fee to be paid for by the group. (It is important to register as soon as possible for ABM planning purposes).

Motion One: To send a representative to the Annual Business Meeting in July

Motion Two: To pay for the registration fee out of the Treasury ($400.00) as soon as the funds become available*

*Current funds in treasury are $368.73 minus prudent reserve ($140) = $228.73 currently available towards registration fee