Business Meeting Minutes 2/3/15

Serenity Prayer

Review and approve February 3, 2015 agenda - passed
· Review and approve Treasurer's report - passed
· Review and approve January Minutes - tabled
Review Liaison Report - Link - passed


Old Business:


New Business:
Motion 1: Amended:  All motions and OP nominations are to be turned in two weeks prior to the business meeting, notification of such will appear on the announcement page. The agenda is to be sent to the webmaster two weekends before the business meeting. Notice of the next meeting be given in the following ways: For a week before, announcement be given at the end of each meeting. (The secretary will send this information to all ops a week before the meeting.) Notice be given on the front page of our website a week before the meeting, with a link to the proposed agenda. ~ Presented by Hope - passed

Motion 2: Motion that the following statement be added to our closing scripts. The excerpt has been taken from the SLAA Group Starter Kit:
A message about 13th Stepping – 13th stepping is manipulating another person in recovery, especially a newcomer, into a sexual, emotional, or romantic relationship. This behavior is wholeheartedly discouraged in S.L.A.A ~ tabled due to lack of time

Open Forum:

There was discussion about Jonathan's idea about timing of speakers. He was encouraged by others to submit a motion.

Serenity Prayer