SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2

Minutes for January 4th, 2022 at 9 pm ET


troy moderated the meeting.


Serenity Prayer



January is SLAA Online's 26th birthday month. As usual, members with sobriety length are invited to give a speaker share at a scheduled meeting time of choice during January 2022.


Read and approve January agenda - APPROVED


Read and approve November minutes - APPROVED

(December GC BM was cancelled)


Read and approve Treasurer's report - APPROVED


Read and review Liaison report - READ & REVIEWED


Op Applications



Old Business



New Business


Motion from NancyD re sobriety requirements for Speaker Shares - APPROVED

Motion: Sobriety requirement for SLAA Online members giving Speaker Shares is 3 months continuous sobriety with working knowledge of 12 Steps & 12 Traditions.

Motivation: A reasonable sobriety requirement for SLAA Online speakers (identical to our requirement for OPs) will help ensure that speakers have some experience, strength & hope to share about our program.


Motion from NancyD re Officers - WITHDRAWN

Motion: "No member of the officer group of SLAA Online should be in a current or ongoing sponsor & sponsee relationship with another member of the officer group."

Motivation: To avoid the impression of nepotism, which is defined as 'the favoring of relatives or personal friends because of their relationship'. Much like placing personalities before principles, a sponsor & sponsee relationship within the same officer group could demonstrate a propensity for favoritism.


10 min Open Forum

Susan, Nancy & troy discussed lack of attendance at business meetings.


Serenity Prayer


Meeting adjourned