SLAA Online Group Conscience Business Meeting in #slaa2
Minutes January 3rd 2017


Open with Serenity Prayer


Read and approve January agenda - Approved

Read and approve November minutes - Approved

Read and approve Treasurer's report - Approved

Read and review Liaison Officer's report



Business Meeting times:

we are now returning to the gc approved times, that is

Business Meeting every quarter at 12 noon ET first Tue of months Feb May Aug Nov

9 pm ET first Tue of all other months


Speaker Month Schedule

This is still in progress

Speaker Times throughout January to be announced soon



our long-time member Tawna has recently had an unexpected seizure and now passed away

she died peacefully and sober

she is much missed

we plan to hold a memorial for Tawna

time and details to be announced

please address all inquiries if needed directly to the office

none by direct approach to any member

reminder to follow Tradition 12


Old Business


Op applications

SamanthaC - present - approved

DaveH - not present - application automatically falls now. Must re-apply if wish to be considered as Op.


New Business


WRC/troy's Motion: Revised webpage - Starlink-IRC - Motion approved

On the SLAAOnline website:

Replace webpage: Starlink-IRC

with revised webpage: Starlink-IRC

Link to files:

Note: Approval means approval of both tracked changes and any WRC recommended changes in comments.


Lotus's Motion: SLAA ABM 2017 Delegate - Motion tabled as proposer not present


troy's Motion: Scheduled Step and Tradition Topic Meetings -Motion approved

Re-instate some scheduled Step and Tradition Topic Meetings as follows:

First Monday of each month at 10 pm ET - Tradition Topic Meeting - Tradition number = Month number.

All other Mondays at 10 pm ET - Step Topic Meeting - Step number = Month number by default or other number at Opís discretion.


10 minutes Open Forum


Serenity prayer