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Minutes of business meeting on Thu-18-Feb-99
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:
Until we have future meetings to vote on issues, we continue operation as we have in the past.
Setting next members/business meeting for Tues., 23rd Feb, after Feedback meeting.
We include on next meeting's agenda, discussion of including steps in guidelines, type of step meeting(s), and length of step share, and scope.

Meeting was called to order by Maxine at 11:10pm EST.

Attendance: 15
5 Operators: DanK georgew Maxine RobZ TimF
3 Non-ops: Marn TimW Yo
7 Partial attendance: Abram ClayH johnnyb Leslie Marie soahc wade

Old business: None (as this is the first official business meeting).

Maxine stated, "I have asked TimF to act as Secretary for this meeting until we have someone in that position."
Maxine made a motion that "Until we have future meetings to vote on issues, we continue operation as we have in the past."
Robz seconded the motion.
Motion passed. (7 yes; 1 no; 0 abstentions)

Discussion (after the vote):
What was the past?
In my opinion, the meetings in the past were just as we saw tonight. That's all. Any changes, there, in the motion states we are going to vote in the future, rather than change. Correct me if I'm wrong.
May I assume that you have recently made some changes without a vote and now you are backtracking? If so, what changes have been made?
Recently, it was brought to the attention of the room owner that decisions were being made without a group conscience, which is what we need as a 12 step group. Rick has retired as room owner. [Maxine has] volunteered to fill in this position and essentially, we are starting out as a new SLAA group. We need to set up officer positions, committees, etc, as the group feels necessary, to continue to operate as a group. We need to abide by the 12 traditions as a group, and that's why we need business/member meetings to address concerns or situations that arise and to keep meetings running smoothly. To continue to operate as in the past
means to keep meetings running as they have been until we make any group consciences to change them -- keep ops leading meetings until we make motions to set guidelines/policies. We need to have something to base continuation on and that would be operation as in the past.
I agree with all that has been said before me. The ultimate plan is to establish REGULAR business meetings, but until then, to keep things JUST as they have been -- same StarLink servers - same room name - same policy - etc. To NOT vote affirmative on this motion would mean that we would open grounds to making changes or policies NOW, but the intention is to set up REGULAR business meetings first, so that ALL who wants to can schedule themselves to attend.
I would just like to point out two things: One, we announced another meeting for next Tuesday the 23rd. At that meeting, Maxine will present an agenda for discussion. Tonight we approved operating as we had been, as we needed to keep going. Next week there will be many topics, and we encourage you all to come.
Just wish to suggest something that seems obvious to me, which is... If some items on the agenda for a scheduled meeting
could be listed to the group in a normal meeting, then you may have better turn-out. I don't really like to go to meetings if I don't know their purpose in advance.
Maxine stated: Last on tonight's agenda is to set a date for the next members (business) meeting, for which I have an agenda prepared and will present tonight after the close of this meeting.
Maxine made a motion "Setting next members/business meeting for Tues., 23rd Feb, after Feedback meeting."
Robz seconded the motion.
Should there be a minimum amount of time given when calling for a business meeting? And should it be announced nightly? Just want everybody to have a chance to participate.
I agree there should be, but right now, it is important to resolve certain issues. 6 days is minimal, but should be adequate, as most who come here will see it. It is also intended to announce at every meeting, And so send agenda quickly, perhaps tomorrow. I remind you this meeting on Tuesday is ONLY for discussion.
I have a suggestion and this is only that, because I know some people do want their privacy, and I completely respect that -- But I suggest an email list, such that one person has email addresses for all interested parties, and can pass along information that way.
Just to clear things up... We, I think, are trying to establish a plan to set up bus. meetings. We need to have one, to establish them. Once we have one, I think our goal is to have them on a regular basis, Two times a month, for example, on the same day. So, we will know for the whole year when a business meeting is. So any one who is here a few times, will know when they are, so then we don't have to announce them every night -- we will know. (For example, second Tuesday after meeting is a business meeting).
Motion passed. (7 yes; 0 no; 2 abstentions)

Maxine publicly shared the agenda for the next meeting:
Agenda for Business Meeting (set for Tue-23-Feb-99 after Feedback Meeting)
I Discussion of Establishing Officer Positions:
     President (owner),
     Vice-President (co-owner(s)),
     Secretary, and
     Web Site Specialist (instead of treasurer)
   A Officers by Election or Volunteer Basis?
   B Requirements for Officers
   C Responsibilities for Officers
II Discussion on OPs
   A Deletion of non-active ops from list
   B Continuation current ops
   C Method of adding OPs
III Discussion on types of meetings
   A Open Share -- Sat & Sun
   B Step Meetings -- Mon & Wed
   C Feedback -- Tues & Fri
   D Gratitude -- Thurs
   E Business Meetings -- ??
IV Discussion on Committees
   A Policy Committee
   B Any others Necessary?
Anything we don't get to in the hour can be tabled over to the next meeting.

Georgew mentioned that we have had requests to actually read step work at meetings. Georgew made a motion that, "We include on next meeting's agenda, discussion of including steps in guidelines, type of step meeting(s), and length of step share, and scope."
TimF seconded the motion.
Motion passed. (6 yes; 2 no; 1 abstention)
Discussion (after the vote):
I just want to clarify my strong opposition, I think we already have too much to chew on Tuesday, so I think the issue of setting up a new meeting schedule should wait, just a little while, so we can continue as we are for a little while.
Please note that Maxine has carefully set priorities for discussion, and we will set a rough time limit. Any items not under discussion will simply be passed onto next meeting. But at least you can all see the complete proposed agenda. There probably are too many items, but the full agenda eliminates time wasting discussion of other planned items being added.

DanK made a motion to adjourn.
TimF seconded the motion.
Motion passed. (7 yes; 0 no; 0 abstention)

The business meeting was closed with the Serenity Prayer at 12:01am EST.