Minutes 10/2/07
Members present:
Christina Ultra_Blue
Lotus CK
BL88 Bright
Meghan Barb G
Curtis Ali
Jennie Blinky
Evan MScott
Xiao CGI595
Lynn Karen
Sammi Ken
Bill H Ten
Diane12 Deb
Bobk Zippy
SunnyLady Laura
Jackson Mealnie

Additonally in attendance: Channel Owners Itsy, Bambi and Makk

The meeting began right away without an agenda being in place. No old business was addressed. No minutes were read or approved as none had been taken for the previous month. The meeting went straight on to an important issue which had been troubling the fellowship:

1) Rumors about "Channels" (aka Starlink - server owners) being able to see (or hear) conversations or shares in our room. Itsy, one of the server owners, explained that our IRC server is ircu2.9.32 which is an 11 year old program which does not have a stealth/eavesdropping mode. Additionally, the Cstar Bot is deaf to other channel traffic and vice-a-versa, as verified by checking the mode on Cstar (type /whois Cstar) you will see the "d" before the @ symbol. Cstar's "deafness" only serves to reduce extra server load (since the bot can't read any other channel chat even if it did arrive). The ONLY thing Cstar logs is commands given it like /msg cstar, or /nick Jane, or /whois soandso, etc.

2) Itsy then went on to explain that they are like the "absentee landlords" of our Chat Room, and we are "tenants" of a house in their neighborhood/town. Itsy explained that Starlink has the right to refuse service to anyone, but RARELY ever does. The only time they do so, is if someone is violating their channel rules. See their rules at http://webchat.starlink-irc.org/ . Itsy stated that they expect channel owners to be good neighbors, and that they only stick their nose into things when a channel is being disrupted since it is their duty to ensure that channel order is maintained. He said they only stick their nose in things "when nothing else is working and it's becomes a danger to it's users or the net."

Next the Treasurer's report was given. A motion was made, seconded and carried to accept the report.

Next a motion was made to put up the new unfinished website, in place of the existing website. The motion was not seconded.

Next motions were made, seconded and carried to make: Jennie and Meghan new Ops.

It was announced that nominations will be accepted all thru the month of October for the positions of Secretary, Webmaster, Co-Webmaster, and Liaison.

A motion was made, and seconded that the Chair and Co-Chair offices be reopened for nominations. The vote came in as tie. Therefore the motion did not carry.