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at 18:58 on 9/15/05 we started the business meeting with the Serenity Prayer...followed by a moment of silence

The minutes for the August 05 business meeting were passed out at the meeting and posted at:

The officers took a few minutes to review the minutes
A motion was made to accept the minutes and it was seconded and their were no objections.

Vicky proposed the following agenda for the meeting:

I) Ops status
II) Is there an active guideline committee?
III) 7th Tradition in SLAA Online
IV) Treasurers Position

VJ stated that last month Circe had requested during the meeting last month that the OP list needs to be weeded out and
updated...but because Circe got confused, she began to discuss the treasury instead. So when reminded of the Ops list Topic it was then discussed by Circe as follows:

Circe said that she had gone through the ops list and found that there are many ops who are no longer around
and she suggested we circulate a list of the ops currently in CSTAR to the officers and each could pool their knowledge
and if someone has not been attending meetings for 90 days or six months Circe suggested that we remove them and they can apply again, when and if they return.

a motion was then made by ewg, seconded and passed as follows:

The officers review the current list of ops independently in order to create a list of ops to
retain. This list will consist of anyone listed as an op who has been seen by one or more officers in the
last 90 days and will be presented by bethy and vicky at the next business meeting for final approval.

We then went on to review the second issue: II) Is there an active guideline committee?
Bethy stated the last meeting was held on May 22nd and was adjourned when only 2-3
people were able to make it to the meeting..

VJ said there are some items this committee needs to review referring to the minutesI was just wondering what was
wanting to be done with the's been going for a while...when are we going to have the guidelines? is this something we need to bring to that committee and request some "answers" I guess? not answers, but an idea of what is going on? VJ suggested a Banner might help recruit for the guidelines commitee and to post what has already been done to the website
VickyS said she would contact all member of the guidlines committe and if there still willing to be on it? and this was agreed to by the officers and VJ asked that we have a presentation of the findings at the next meeting.

We then went on to discuss item III) 7th Tradition in SLAA Online
Circe discussed the following:

"well my thoughts are that we could model our treasury like most 12 step meetings
We pass the basket so to speak by posting an address where contributions can be sent I suggest to the p.o. box
in Sunset BEACH That we have retained and that we cover our expenses from those contributions.keep a prudent reserve,
and send the rest to FWS, it's pretty simple, a treasurer report monthly can be given monthly, a ledger, and a group conscience is required to spend money, how it is to be spent, etc.

the following discussion ensued among the offiers:

[19:56] <ewg> !
[19:56] <VJ> go ahead Eric
[19:56] <ewg> Ty VJ
[19:56] <ewg> I certainly agree that we need to
find a way to pay our own bills as a group...
[19:57] <ewg> and that it is not only unfair,
but also possibly detrimental to rely on the
singular donations of a few (Circe)...
[19:57] <ewg> to keep the website up and the PO
Box open...
[19:57] <ewg> so if the motion is simply to
find a way to do this, I am all for it...
[19:58] <ewg> but there is still the issue of
our group's special situation in relation to
f2f groups...
[19:58] <ewg> our members have to mail their
7th tradition....
[19:58] * circe listens
[19:58] <ewg> which means either people mail
[19:58] <ewg> (not recommended)....
[19:59] <ewg> or we have to jump through the
hoops to open and maintain a bank account...
[19:59] <ewg> I've done this for non-profits....
.it isn't prohibitive...
[19:59] <ewg> but it is a task for someone to
take on if we are to go ahead with this...
[20:00] <ewg> that's the first part...
[20:00] <ewg> the second part is that I offered
to look into using Paypal as an alternative
to mailing 7th tradition donatinos...
[20:00] <ewg> and the end result of that
research is pretty simple...
[20:01] <ewg> Paypal only charges when
transactions occur....
[20:01] <ewg> there is no set up fee...
[20:01] <ewg> and they handle all the security
[20:01] <ewg> The cost at the level we would be
taking in payments is 2.9% + 0.30 per
[20:01] <ewg> done
[20:02] <vickys> ty eric
[20:02] <Bethy> !
[20:02] <VJ> thanks Eric
[20:02] <VJ> go ahead Bethy
[20:02] <Bethy> call me bank dumb and ship me
off...but where does the money go when it
goes into a paypal account? wouldn't that
too, require a bank account?
[20:02] <Bethy> done
[20:02] <ewg> !
[20:02] * vickys is now known as vickys^brb
[20:02] <VJ> go ahead Eric
[20:03] <ewg> You are correct, Bethy. Either
way we would need a bank account.
[20:03] <ewg> done
[20:03] * Sue calls bethy bank dumb and ships
her requested
[20:03] <Bethy> thanks :) maui would be nice
[20:04] <VJ> hehehe
[20:04] <Bethy> !
[20:04] <VJ> go ahead Bethy
[20:04] <circe> !
[20:05] <Bethy> *comes back from maui* So,
what would paypal solve regarding bank
accounts? or is that not the purpose of
it...was that for just so there didnt have to
be a check/cash transaction re: anonymity and
hassle or? done
[20:05] <VJ> go ahead Circe
[20:05] <ewg> ! (if Circe doesn't ind)
[20:05] <circe> the way my woman's meeting
works it
[20:05] <circe> is that they require one year
of sobriety
[20:05] <circe> for the treasurer
[20:06] <circe> the treasurer takes the monies
[20:06] <circe> via cash or check
[20:06] <circe> and puts it in their own bank
account and pays whatever is neccessary
[20:06] <circe> out of there own personal
[20:06] <circe> it usally works well
[20:06] <circe> occaisionally
[20:07] <circe> we have had treasures runn off
with the money
[20:07] <circe> sigth
[20:07] <circe> but it's rare
[20:07] <circe> especially if someone has over
a year.
[20:07] <circe> I have been doing that for my
woman's meetings and I keep all the receipts
[20:07] <circe> and copies of my checks to keep
it hones
[20:08] <circe> whenever you make a donation to FWS
they will send a thank you note back with a
[20:08] <circe> so that is how a record is kept
besides a ledger
[20:08] <circe> I also use a bank bag to keep the
checks and cash until I make a bank run
[20:08] <circe> done
[20:08] <VJ> !
[20:09] <VJ> Just a note here that the meeting
needs to end at no one is cut off...done
[20:09] <ewg> !
[20:09] <VJ> go Ahead Eric
[20:10] <ewg> To answer is an
alternative to mailing for one....protects
anonymity for 2....
[20:10] -CStar- 3Authentication Successful!
[20:10] * CStar sets mode: +o circe
[20:10] <ewg> and allows us to take payment in the
form of credit/debit cards as well as checks
(since it doesn't preclude us from also allowing
mailed payments)
[20:11] <ewg> and in regards to Circe's comments...I would like to motion that we have a
volunteer (the proposed treasurer perhaps?) look into options for bank accoutns to allow us to
take 7th tradition collections...
[20:14] <circe> btdt I was president of a non profit
[20:14] <circe> and we looked into the whole bank
thing and it's complicated
[20:14] <circe> we have to have three people sign
and go the bank at the same time, sign legal
papers, prove our non profit status
[20:15] <circe> and our right to have a bank
account under this classification
[20:15] <circe> it was a painl.
[20:15] <circe> done
[20:15] <VJ> Thank you circe
[20:15] <ewg> ty Circe
[20:15] <vickys> ty susan
[20:16] <circe> !
[20:16] <VJ> go ahead Circe
[20:16] <circe> May I suggest we table this
discussion until next month and we can
investigate other options and discuss it next

the meeting was then ended with the serenity prayer at around 20:18