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Minutes of July 15, 2004 SLAA Business Meeting

Note: These minutes were assembled by Marabel. There is a point where there is a break in the Minutes where I timed out...many apologies for that. It can be safely assumed that there was a vote taken but that it was not finalized, that further discussion took place before the motion was again restated and then a vote taken. Cudbme can correct me on that if that is the case. Thanks for your patience.

Members present are: amaware, Christina, Cudbme, Danstone=Dan, Donatella=Toni, Gina, grams, Jane, Ket, Maggie, Marabel, Martin, Rob_Lynx=Rob, Steve, Jane, JamesC=James, Jameela, JayFitz=Jay, Jon, lauramac=laura, Paola, tigrlily=Amy, VanAllen, VJ=Vicki.

Meeting begins at 10:02 PM EST with the Serenity Prayer by Donatella.

At 10:03 PM EST, Steve starts the meeting with a reading of the Traditions.

"I'd like to start with a reading of the Traditions, as we need to remember that as the Steps make us well, individually...the Traditions keep our group well, and without this group, some of us may die. So, the Traditions:

· Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon S.L.A.A. unity.

· For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority -- a loving God as this Power may be expressed through our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

· The only requirement for S.L.A.A. membership is the desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction. Any two or more persons gathered together for mutual aid in recovering from sex and love addiction may call themselves an S.L.A.A. group, provided that as a group they have no other affiliation.

· Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or S.L.A.A. as a whole.

· Each group has but one primary purpose -- to carry its message to the sex and love addict who still suffers.

· An S.L.A.A. group or S.L.A.A. as a whole ought never to endorse, finance, or lend the S.L.A.A. name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property, or prestige divert us from our primary purpose.

· Every S.L.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

· S.L.A.A. should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers.

· S.L.A.A. as such ought never to be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.

· S.L.A.A. has no opinion on outside issues; hence the S.L.A.A. name ought never to be drawn into public controversy.

· Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, TV, film and other public media. We need guard with special care the anonymity of all fellow S.L.A.A. members.

· Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

Again, thanks for being here tonight, and thanks for allowing me to serve. I'm gonna do my best to remember our Second Tradition, which says that I'm not in charge, God is; and our First Tradition, which speaks of unity. Our group has been plagued by divisions and gossip, and I hope that it can end tonight, and that we can focus on recovery."

Ket and Donatella smile, and Maggie, JayFitz, Cudbme, Marabel and Ket nod. Grams comments, "This is why I am here!" Tigrlily gives a thumbs up and a smile.

"As I see it, we have several pressing needs to discuss tonight. First, our scripts," Steve continues. "As most of you know, our scripts are dangerous, and we need to fix them as quickly as possible. Jameela and JoelR and VanAllen and...who else Jameela?"

Jameela answers, "Ket, and you."

Steve thanks Jameela and continues, "...have volunteered to be on our Scripts Committee. I believe we ought talk about this committee's mission, our expectations of them. So, the floor is open for discussion of new, safe, op scripts."

Cudbme takes the floor. "I'm not sure how you wanted to go about opening the floor on that subject. However, thanks for the floor. I am program knowledgeable enough to know how scripts work, and I have reviewed the scripts that are on my computer even before that letter went out, disabling the commands that allowed access to my computer. Most of them were set up to allow "automated" updating of the op scripts of users who were not computer savvy...and yes, that will be a problem for updating new scripts to many ops. Anyways, the point is, it is quite simple to update the script files by either using ";" before every line that was used as controllers or just deleting the lines. I am not afraid of these scripts myself now, and know they are safe, however, getting them distributed would be a major issue."

Lauramac comments, "Thinks Cud would be a great volunteer for the Scripts Committee", and smiles. Jameela says, "Thanks, Cud, good point." Tigrlily says, "Thanks Cud, you da man!"

Marabel shares, "I have a suggestion, that whatever script design we use, that it be something that is put on the op section of the forum, as a password protected thing, where only ops or new ops can download, and instructions can be put there as to how to load and use, to make it simpler as far as ops receiving scripts and training are concerned. Just a thought."

Tigrlily agrees, and Steve says, "Thanks Mary, great suggestion." Donatella and Cudbme also agree.

Vicki shares, "I would recommend that after IRC had reviewed the scripts...I talked to them and they suggested that we start with new scripts after we had cleaned up the 'problems' instead of just sifting through the problems with the old scripts."

Grams comments, "You all are a lot more computer savvy than I am. Thanks Vicki!"

Jameela shares, "I agree with all the suggestions that were just brought forth and I also think that the aim of the committee be to allow the responsibility of the scripts not fall upon one person's shoulders. I do think that reviewing the old scripts format and going with a completely new yet simple script would also be a good idea. Some of the functions in the old scripts are sometimes unnecessary and sometimes inappropriate. Maybe also putting a tutorial up for new ops could be put on the site. The aim should be safety first, functionality and simplicity."

Grams remarks, "Agree, that would be nice." Rob says, "Sounds good to me."

Tigrlily takes the floor to share. "Hi folks, I'd like to suggest a two-step process. Since Cud has cleaned up scripts now available, I suggest we upload these to the op section of the forum with a quick tutorial, or arrange for some other means of quick distribution while the committee as a whole looks at overhauling the scripts in a more thorough way, to achieve Jameela's and others' stated goals of simplicity and updating."

Steve takes the floor. "But, I must disagree. Much of the problem with the old scripts was caused because one person had control. While I trust Cudbme completely, I don't want his scripts to be distributed until they are safe. I've cleaned my scripts too, but I won't distribute them because I don't want that power nor that responsiblity, not alone. I believe that several of us must understand every single line. Safety is paramount."

VJ agrees.

"Any further thoughts?" Steve asks.

Jameela responds, "Thanks Steve, another good point."

Grams takes the floor with a question. "I am not too computer savvy. I do not have the foggiest idea what you mean by 'scripts'. Where do you find them? You know that I am new to all of this. Newness is good but sometimes not! Help please?"

Steve asks, "Done, Grams? If so, I'll answer your question."

Lauramac comments, "Just type 'done' when you are done, Grams."

Steve replies, "The scripts we are referring to are small computer programs which allow us (the operators who lead the meetings) to automate the meetings, minimizing typing and automatically recognizing people who've been here before. All of the ops are provided a copy, and instructions to install them in mIRC, a chat program. Ok, time's flying...please share quickly, Cud."

"Quick question, Steve," Lauramac asks, and then stops herself with "Never mind," and smiles.

Steve gives Cudbme the floor. Cudbme explains, "I just want to share that the scripts have differing areas. For example, the fixable dangerous parts would be under "remote"... those are the commands that Tim could use to remotely command the mIRC program for automatically working updates. However, that is a pretty small area of the scripts, like in the area of aliases. That area will need an extensive work by the Committee to weed out outdated stuff, but a lot of good materials as well. By the way, I noticed the use of this script tonight..."

Cudbme gives the "Thank you, Steve - you have the floor." script as an example, and continues.

"As you can see, it's very trusted by those of us who have cleaned the program of these parts of the script. I perhaps am more trusting of code than Steve, but that is for group conscience to decide."

Tigrlily shares. "Thanks, Cud, Steve...The reason I had proposed the two-step solution with the first step as a temporary, interim use of the cleaned-up scripts is that I'm currently facilitating at least one meeting a week without scripts. My software has enabled me to develop short scripts for the little stuff, such as "Thank you Steve, you have the floor", but for the intro and outro, it's too long. I haven't figured out yet how to make my software do it. And finding someon to put in the opening and closing scripts is hard. Also, as you can see, my colors differ from yours, since I'm using a Mac. That script appears to be the same colors as yours do on my screen. I have no way of knowing the difference, and yours appear turquoise and yellow to me. Anyway, if someone can help me deal with my meeting, I'd be much obliged."

Steve reminds, "We need to be mindful of the reason we're updating the scripts. They are extremely dangerous in their current form, not just the ctcp parts, but also the on file receive parts. When a file with a certain name is received, it replaces the current script. These scripts were found to be so dangerous by the network admins, that the admins banned TimF for 2 years, and they won't tolerate us being lax with scripts. We are their guests."

VJ agrees, and Ket nods.

Steve continues, "I think we need a motion..."

JamesC interrupts, "I have heard the dangers of the scripts include the ability to remotely execute commands on the vulnerable system..."

Steve replies, "True." Rob_Lynx listens.

JamesC continues, "But even the IRCops I spoke with could explain exactly the method used to exploit it, and I have heard terms like "trojan like" with no clear explanation of what the process would be used to exploit the vulnerability. The IRCops seemed to have also talked about it being dangerous and trojan like, but unable to provide details. I would like this information to evaluate the risk on the systems that I have installed the scripts on, since they are also computers that have access into various government systems...may be better in PM, but I would like details and not rumors. Thanks."

Maggie and Cudbme nod, and Cudbme says, "knows the answer".

Cudbme shares, "Thanks James, I can explain it to you quite simply in PM, to avoid taking up valuable time here now."

Lauramac asks. "Thanks Steve, just a question. What is the exact issue on the motion needs to be put forward? Also, does the meeting move to new business after this or is this the only issue on the table?"

Steve responds, "I believe we need a motion which confirms the volunteers to the Scripts Committee and give them our instructions in general terms."

Lauramac remarks, "So moved!"

Ket takes the floor. "Joel has asked me to ask the members to rescind the last motion put forward at the last business meeting, re: allowing the Script Committee decision making powers without informing the group."

Steve shares, "That motion was for the Website Committee."

Ket answers, "Sorry." Steve says, "No prob," and smiles.

Steve asks the room for a motion. Christina says, "I like it." Jameela asks, "Moves?"
Cudbme asks, "What's the motion?"

Ket answers, "The motion, brought forth by Tim, was to allow the committee to do Web work without having to take it to group conscience in order to expedite changes to the website."

Vicki answers Steve's request of a motion with, "I make a motion that there be a Script Committee formed of at least 3 members who will be responsible for making safe scripts that are totally reworked to delete all harmful material as soon as possible..."

Cudbme interrupts, responding to Ket's motion, "Ket, that is not accurate, that is the old motion. Thanks for the motion, VJ."

VJ continues, "Later after the scripts are made safe that this committee still be made of at least 3 members who look over all scripts for harmful material and upkeep them in the future, making sure that at no time will there only be one person or 2 people only be in charge."

(Marabel times out for one minute at this point. When I resumed my connection, there was a vote going on. According the discussion that followed, I think I could assume that the vote did not go through...)

Ket shares, "I just think in light of the current situation, to allow decision to be made with the scripts if 3 agree is dangerous. It does not represent the group as a whole."

Steve asks Maggie if she would like to take the floor, and Maggie replies, "After Cud, sure."

Cudbme says, "Thanks, Maggie, will make this short. We here, only a handful of the entire SLAA Online Group who made it to this meeting, are representing to the best of our conscious, to represent a much larger body of the group conscious as we here understand that there is a lot of work to run this group, including FWS stuff, etc. So, at some point there has got to be some trust and forward movement, but your caution is understood. I can even empathize...I want recovery however, not micromanagement."

Maggie, Lauramac, and VanAllen agree.

Marabel notes, "Would like to remind of other issues we may need to discuss?"

Steve gives Maggie the floor. "My 'no' vote was not a vote against the motion per se..."

Lauramac chimes in, "Here, here."

Steve reminds, "Please, no crosstalk".

Maggie continues, "...but rather because I feel I do not have enough information about the dangers to my computer in the first place. It is my understanding that the only access available to someone else to my computer involves the ability to remotely run commands or scripts in my stead. I could be way off on that. I believe the scripts were written and intended for ease of use and to expedite the training/use factor of the scripts..."

Steve briefly interrupts with an announcement, "Please pardon the interruption...Abuse survivors meetings starting now in #slaa."

Maggie continues, "I just need more information to support the forming of a new committee."

Ket raises her hand to share, but Steve takes the floor. "One sec, Ket. Several issues have been raised. First Ket's...that 3 members don't represent the group..."

Van interrupts, "Where can I find your letter about the scripts?" and then says, "Sorry."

Steve continues, "Two responses. One, we have 5 volunteers, and two, any other member may volunteer. To Margaret's question, it's a bit difficult. To explain the precise details is rather technical, but basically, the scripts allow files to be retrieved, and renamed, and executed. So a knowledgable user with the scripts could do most anything to a remote computer on this IRC network with the modified scripts."

Maggie replies, "No need, thanks anyway. I recognize I am in the minority. Proceed."

Ket takes the floor. "I'm aware at this point if you include TimF, that two members loaded scripts after TimF was banned. They loaded them from Tim. The issue is Trust, and we are addicts. So I suggest that more than 3 members is needed."

Cudbme raises his hand, and Steve remarks, "Do you really need to share, Cud? I'd like to revote. We've heard the minority and responded."

Cudbme shares, "Although I feel to readdress Ket's point..."

Jane interrupts, "What is majority and minority?"

Cudbme continues, "I really don't think getting the scripts is the issue...knowing how to make them safe is."

Ket responds, "The scripts can be hacked at any time."

Steve says, "You've had opportunity, Ket, we need to move on. I'll restate the motion..."

Cudbme interrupts, "No, they cannot."

Steve restates the motion:
'2319 <Steve> [22:56] <VJ> I make a motion that there be a script committee formed of at least 3 members who will be responsible for making safe scripts that are totally reworked to delete all harmful material as soon as possible.....
2319 <Steve> [22:57] <VJ> Later after the scripts are made safe that this committee still be made of at least 3 members who look over all scripts for harmful material and upkeep them in the future, making sure that at no time will there only be one person or 2 people only be in charge.' Let's revote."

A vote is taken, and 7 members vote in favor, one person votes against, and three members abstain.

Danstone joins the room, and asks, "What is the vote for?" Steve restates the motion, and Jane says, "I don't get all this. I don't understand the danger."

Vicki quickly submits an amendment to her motion. "Can we change that number to 5 instead of 3?"

Danstone replies, "One person or 2 people in charge...missing something."

Steve asks, "Will someone second Vicki's amended motion?"

Jameela seconds Vicki's amended motion.

Steve puts the issue to a vote again. The motion is now:

'2319 <Steve> [22:56] <VJ> I make a motion that there be a script committee formed of at least 5 members who will be responsible for making safe scripts that are totally reworked to delete all harmful material as soon as possible.....
2319 <Steve> [22:57] <VJ> Later after the scripts are made safe that this committee still be made of at least 5 members who look over all scripts for harmful material and upkeep them in the future, making sure that at no time will there only be one person or 2 people only be in charge.'

"Thanks, one more vote. All are encouraged to vote. Please type + for yes, - for no, x to abstain," says Steve. Six votes are for, 1 against, and one abstains.

Steve moves on. "We have a quorum, motion carries. Next issue, we need a webmaster, and Tim has taken control of our domain name. I have a copy of all the content, as I feared this might happen..."

Danstone remarks, "I still didn't get my question answered and couldn't vote."

Steve continues, "The website is still live, but we can't update it, as only Tim has the password. I suggest we register a new domain..."

Jane interrupts, "Can someone please advise the real danger in using what we have?"

Steve continues, "...and have our webmaster(s) update it..."

Jane again interrupts, "I don't understand."

Steve again continues, "Dan, Jane...sorry, but we're very short on time. All this will be available in the minutes..."

Jane answers, "We deserve to know." Maggie agrees, and Danstone nods.

Maggie notes, "The minutes will answer nothing." Jane replies, "Exactly, Maggie."

Steve replies, "Shall I replay the entire meeting for ya'all?"

Donatella remarks, "Thinks we should move on." Jameela raises her hand. Steve says, "Please share, Jameela."

Jane breaks in, "No, give us the short version, we matter."

Steve shares, "This meeting started over 86 minutes ago..."

Jane says, "Kewl, I will see you all later, bye."

Steve continues, "We don't need to cover old ground."

Jameela asks, "Umm, just a question, maybe it's a bit absurd, but would it be possible that we contact Tim via email to see if he can give us the password?"

Steve responds, "Tim is angry with us, and has taken the website captive out of spite..."

Cudbme interrupts, "Steve, Tim will give us the site if we pay for it what it costs to run it. At least that's the last he told me..."

Maggie quips, "As we should."

Steve answers, "Well..."

Cudbme breaks in, "We should offer a credit card and make the offer first..."

Vicki answers Cudbme, "We did."

Cudbme continues, "...and make the offer first. He said he never received a reply. Hm."

Steve says, "Please, no crosstalk!"

Danstone asks, "What was the cost?"

Steve says, "Please! Please! Please!"

Steve gives VanAllen the floor. "Could I first say that I appreciate the fact that Steve is trying to end cross talk? It makes the meeting chaotic and could we please all honor that? Next, I like and love Tim, BUT, he is out of control, so..."

Jane returns to the room, and interrupts, "VanAllen, you are causing trouble kissing all. We don't know what the hell is going on and want to know..."

Steve deop's and devoices Jane, and Van remarks, "Thanks Steve for doing that."

VanAllen continues, "I believe we just need to move on without Tim. No contacts, nothing. Get our own domain, our own website, no negotiations with him. It will just make things difficult. the right time I would be prepared to move that we establish our own domain, website, stuff, done. Thanks."

Ket sends out a +, for "yes", and Marabel raises her hand.

Steve gives Jameela the floor.

Jameela says, "I have another suggestion. Ok, being that it will be difficult to get the password I know where we can register a domain name for $35 and free hosting for a lifetime. I've used them for 4 years with no problems, just an idea."

Steve gives Marabel the floor.

Marabel shares, "I also agree with Van, but with one amendment to that, that the site not be put in one person's name, but somehow, can we put it as 'SLAA Online Group' so that we don't come up against another situation like this in future where one person hijacks the site?"

Ket, Jameela and Cudbme nod.

Donatella shares. "I think we will still need to put trust in one person again unfortunately. I think when you register a domain name and start an account with a web host they need one credit card and one contact person. I am curious if anyone has suggestions regarding that."

Cudbme shares, "I'm still awed at all the work ahead of us, and revamping everything at this time as being Secretary, seeing what goes on. I can just imagine the confusion in the next few months or whatever time necessary to start all this and get it done like the scripts
I wonder if just closing off the opportunity to persuade transfer of the original site of is not to our interests and what Toni states is true unless perhaps a credit card under a corporation could be established. Hmm.. yea.. easier said than done."

Jameela shares, "May I suggest that we open a Paypal account as a group, so that we can purchase the domain without need of one credit card, instead we individually donate to the account then use the donations as a group?"

Ket shares, "As Jameela said, group bank account and at least 3 signatures, and I think we are at risk with the old web."

Steve takes the floor. "Unfortunately, time is running out...Please share, Ket."

Ket shares again, "We need to hear Joel's motion, I will paste it. And so you're simply putting forth a motion to repeal the motion passed last month on the matter, broad interpretation of that motion would allow the internet and/or web committee to take action without the "knowledge" of the group? He wants to rescind the motion passed at the last business meeting."

Cudbme reminds, "I want to iterate that I know group conscious is not entirely represented in all matters, even in the group tonight of those that first arrived, and because of much debate has gone over time, and that motion was a fair motion, with amendments to the contrary of even one person of that committee not in agreeance, there comes a point where we have to ask ourselves, 'Who is in control? The popular? Or God's will?' If there is a mistake, we will see it on the web, and we can bring it up to a business meeting. If it did get by, let's move on already."

Lauramac agrees with moving on. Steve replies, "Yes, let's move on...Joel's motion is worthy of consideration, but outside the scope of tonight's meeting..."

Ket interrupts, "On the minutes that were not posted, and we should keep it open..."

Steve continues, "We'll discuss that next month...please, no crosstalk!"

Ket says, "K."

Steve then says, "I'm getting a little angry, friends..."

Maggie gives Steve a hug and says, "You're doing great."

Steve continues, "I've given everyone ample opportunity to speak..."

VanAllen remarks, "Agrees about crosstalk."

Steve continues, "Please, afford me the same courtesy. We need to decide what to do, quickly. Or, if not, the officers will be forced to take action. I'd prefer to decide these matters here. Webmaster...I was co-webmaster last year, and am willing to continue as temp webmaster, and JayFitz has volunteered. So, we can accept Jay, or take more nominations, or decide to take nominations for 30 days, or 2 weeks...what do we want to do?"

Ket remarks, "I move to accept Jay."

Cudbme says, "I motion we take a 2 week nomination election..."

Marabel suggests, "I was going to suggest that we take a 2 week nomination election, with 2 weeks to vote. I also suggest that we use the, scratch the Forum part...but do 2 weeks nominate, two weeks vote."

Cudbme says, "Because I cannot believve Tim is that much of a BAD pariah of a person, I feel it may be possible that we attempt to save a lot of frustration by trying to get the site back within these two weeks during elections. If by then it remains uncertain, we build a new site with the new webmasters."

Ket shares, "The issue is Trust and safety and not Tim's inventory. As a group as a whole, I believe the new web is already infiltrated. So I move for a new domain and I also move we accept Jay as he has the capabilities and Steve as Co-webperson and that we vote now."

VanAllen seconds, and Cudbme and VJ raise their hands.

Steve notes, "We have a motion and a second...are the hands for questions or amended motions? Or shall we vote?"

Cudbme answers, "Motions."

Vicki replies, "Discussion, I thought."

Cudbme answers, "So did I."

Ket replies, "But we need to move on."

Cudbme says, "I didn't hear anyone say let's conclude with motions. I might agree with the possibility that the web is perhaps beyond the capabilities of the webmasters we may have at our disposal. So, that point of Ket's has me concerned. However, to just appoint webmasters of our choosing is not one of the procedures we do when there are others willing and able to do the job. Elections are how group conscience as I heard here all night are done..."

Ket interrupts, "Actually Tim said he had the capabilities..."

Cudbme continues, "So...I still agree that a 2 weeks nomination/election process is carried out."

Ket says, "Done."

Steve says, "Please! No more crosstalk!"

Cudbme says, "Please Ket, do not crosstalk...and saying 'done' does not make it right!"

Steve gives VJ the floor, and Cudbme says, "I did not say done...KET DID!"

Vicki begins, "I think that any officer position needs to be voted on...sorry, go ahead Cudbme."

Cudbme continues, "I sometimes think some of us here think this is a popularity game. The point is, we matter how long we have in recovery...deserve equal treatment. Elections is how it's done. And taking Tim's recommendations when it serves one person is not good policy. I'm sure lots would agree so that is why we are here as a group. Now I am done."

Lauramac comments, "Thinks this is a meeting that never ends," and smiles.

VJ asks for no crosstalk. Please.

VJ begins again, "I think that any officer position needs to be voted on so that it is open to all. Maybe there can be announcements made and I think that Jayfitz would do well cuz he has volunteered, and great that he wants to be of service. Just that I feel it would be best to have the open positions when any officer steps down to be re-voted upon."

VanAllen shares, "I move the previous question..."

Ket again interrupts, "I move to wait but have the vote in the open here in #slaa2 in 2 weeks."

Steve reminds, "Van still has the floor."

VanAllen continues, "When the previous question is moved, and there is a second, the group votes whether or not to end debate. If the vote is to end debate, the group moves immediately to vote on the motion, without further debate. Therefore, if there is a second to my motion, we should move to end debate (I do it for a living)."

Steve shares, "I see no second, so, please share Ket."

Ket asks, "What was your motion?"

Marabel suggests restating the motion.

Cudbme shares, "VanAllen says we should move to end debate."

Steve asks, "Why are we still engaging in crosstalk? Ket has the floor until she says 'done'."

Cudbme says, "Sorry Ket, Steve, seemed it stopped."

Ket moves, "I move we wait 2 weeks and call for nominations and then have the vote here in the open in #slaa2 for the positions of webmaster and also co-webmaster. I also move we get our own domain site for the web and we obtain a bank account with at least 3 signatures, and we do that tonight."

Steve answers, "My turn, it's late...I suggest a compromise. Accept Jay, as volunteer, temporarily, commence nominations and voting (to include Jay) and continue the discussion about the domain via email. I'll set up a mailing list to include all officers and ops and any interested members to discuss business between meetings."

Cudbme shares, "I agree with the first part of the compromise, because as you know, I was the one who suggested Jay in the first place. However, I really want to be fair to the group as a whole, so elections are needed. However, that part about over email correspondence to all ops...oh boy...I work the mail room. That could get very congested, not sure...I would prefer we hold perhaps a meeting during the within two weeks and inform everyone that along with the election...OK, I motion that along with the elections we have a meeting on how to proceed with the webmasters new site or whatever...and given others a chance to know what's going to be on the agenda through email so they can come prepared with their questions, and we can get it done in one night."

Steve then says, "Time to vote. Steve then restates the motion:

0025 <Steve> [00:01] <Ket> so i move for a new domain and i also move we accept jay as he has the cpabitites and steve as co web person and that we vote now
0025 <Steve> [00:01] <VanAllen> second

Then the votes happen. Two members vote for the motion, seven vote against and one member abstains.

Steve then remarks, "Looks like we need a new motion, who'll offer it quickly?"

Donatella moves, "I move for the two week nomination period and two week voting period on webmaster and co-webmaster."

Cudbme motions, "I motion that along with the elections we have a meeting on how to proceed with the webmasters."

Jameela seconds, and Steve asks, "Who's motion did you second, Jameela?"

Jameela replies, "Toni's."

Steve says, "Ok, motion on the floor...I move for the two week nomination period and two week voting period on webmaster and co-webmaster..."

Cudbme throws his hand up for an amendment, and then says, "Sorry if that's out of order, not sure."

Steve asks, "Will you accept a friendly amendment, Toni?"

Cudbme shares, "I amend that at this two week period we hold a meeting on how to proceed with what to do with getting an slaaonline site up, providing correspondence to all ops via email to prepare them for the meeting in two weeks."

Ket raises her hand for an amendment, and Steve remarks, "Need a second." Donatella seconds.

Steve says, "Ok, amended motion on the floor," and places it up for a vote.

Eight members vote for, one votes against, and one abstains. The motion carries. Steve then says, "That's a majority, but let's hear from Ket. Ket, please share."

Toni raises her hand, and Steve remarks, "Sorry Jameela, we must move forward."

Ket shares, "I agree with Toni's motions but not with the amendment. It leaves the web vulnerable. So...I have been muted three times tonight."

Steve replies, "Thanks Ket, but that's simply not true. You've shared many times." Steve hugs Ket, and then says, "Motion carries. Can we have a motion to adjourn?"

VanAllen seconds, Cudbme seconds, and at 12:36 PM EST, Steve ends the meeting with a prayer, and that is that. The end.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Marabel