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Minutes of March 15, 2004 SLAA Business Meeting

Members present are: AllenH, Chuck66, Cudbme, df=dan, Donatella=Toni, Jane, JoelR, JWR=Jaime, Lynn, Marabel, RickB, Sharky3=Kevin, TimF, VJ, BenF, Jen, Kel, Ket, `Pug`=Andrew, SteveS, ValerieR.

Vicki opens the meeting at 10 PM EST (U.S.) with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Vicki then shares the following announcements:

A. We would like to welcome our new operators since 1/15/04 -- bringing us to 94 operators: KatherineR=Katherine (1/??); Jane (1/24); `Pug`=Andrew (1/28); DougG=Doug (1/28); jonathan3=Jonathan (1/28); JWR=Jaime (2/1); lamplighte=Chuck (2/16); Darren (2/19); JoelR=Joel (2/19); Lynn (2/19); johnlk=Celine (pending); and Shannon (pending). We currently have obsolete email addresses for three of our 94 Trusted Servants: ^jakester^=Jay; Myra; and SarahR=Sarah.

B. We like to list upcoming SLAA conferences or retreats (here and on our website). Please let us know if you know of any we may add.

C. The “Website Committee” was formed in June, 2003. If anyone is interested, please email to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.

D. The “Scripts Committee” was formed in early 2003. If anyone is interested, please email to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.

E. The “Ops Training Committee” was formed in January, 2004. If anyone is interested, please email to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.

F. The “Speakers Committee” was formed in February, 2003. If anyone is interested, please email to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.

G. The “Daytime Meeting Committee” was formed in December, 2003. If anyone is interested, please email to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.

H. The “Bot Committee” was formed in December, 2003. If anyone is interested, please email to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.

I. One operator (on 10/21) suggested adding an "OPEN MEETING" to our schedule. So far, all our meetings are CLOSED to only sex addicts. This would permit attendance by therapists, clergy, and laypersons. They suggested starting this meeting on a monthly basis instead of weekly, citing 7pm ET on the first Monday of every month. Beginning such a meeting would not require group conscience; only the volunteering of at least two trusted servants to host this meeting on a regular basis.

J. For about two months, alexpal=Alex has been "unofficially" conducting a Step Meeting at 8pm ET for one hour in #SLAA. Unlike the 10pm ET Feedback Meetings which study Step One throughout January, Step Two throughout February, and ultimately Step Twelve throughout December -- these meetings move from each Step to the next from meeting to meeting. Presently these are conducted about five evenings each week, depending upon Alex's availability. He and the #SLAA Online Group would welcome acquiring Trusted Servants to expand these meetings to seven "official" evenings every week with a leader and a greeter.

K. Starting Sunday, April 4, we operate this room on DAYLIGHT (SAVING) TIME. Either change your clocks one hour forward or meet us one hour earlier (two hours earlier in Australia which changes their clocks this same day in the other direction). Trusted servants are encouraged to make this announcement effective April 1st.

Vicki notes, “If you want to follow along with the meeting agenda, please visit:”

Vicki continues, “The first item on the agenda will be to approve the minutes of the 2/15 meeting. The 2/15 minutes are at”

(TimF asks to retype the last two announcements as they were truncated, and retypes them. The last two announcements above are in their final form.)

Vicki then restates, “Now for the minutes, again they are at:”.

TimF moves to approve as posted, noting “I was there and see no additions or corrections.”

Vicki says, “Let’s give us all a few minutes to read these minutes, let’s give others the chance to read first, ok? Let’s say 3 minutes alright? Are there any objections to having time to read the minutes by the group?”

Tim replies, “No problem,” and smiles.

Marabel replies, “I second!”

Vicki asks, “Has everyone had enough time to read these minutes?”

After two minutes, Vicki announces, “We have a motion and a second on the floor to accept the minutes as read.”

Jane says, “I make a motion to accept the minutes as read.”

Vicki responds, “Don’t think there is a need to have a vote here. Thanks Jane, Tim and Marabel. Next…Toni? This one basically is geared towards you, I think. Ready?”

Vicki continues, “Status report from Daytime Meeting Committee. All meetings are currently covered (see Shall we continue this committee to coordinate the schedule for all meetings and keep it up-to-date?”

Toni takes the floor. “Ok, well the daytime positions have all been filled, thanks to Vicki’s schedule coordination and re-confirming certain commitments with ops.”

Vicki smiles, “Thank you.”

Toni continues, “I would like to keep the committee together, continue to keep an eye on the meetings, and if there is a position to be filled, we spread the word at meetings until it is filled. With the new ops, I think it will be OK for now.”

Vicki asks, “Does anyone else have comment about this committee?”

Tim responds. “Hi family. I’m Tim, a grateful recovering sex and love addict, sex offender, and social anorexic. I really want to applaud Vicki and Toni for their hard work on this.”

Vicki says, “Thank you.”

Tim then continues, “This group has 22 meetings, but the 7 Noon meetings and 5 4:30 meetings had a few troubles with our guidelines of having two trusted servants, and they both rose to this occasion. We have 22 ‘official meetings’ and are looking to add 7 8 PM meetings and ONE monthly meeting that is open to the public (counselors, doctors, etc.).
This committee actually had 17 members. I would encourage the committee to continue, but allowing some to drop off and others to join, so that the heart of this committee can keep a finger on scheduling needs in the coming year(s)…but that is only a suggestion.
This committee served us very well, and I really want to extend heartfelt thanks to it.”

Toni asks, “Can I make a motion that we continue the committee (or not necessary?)?”

Vicki asks, “Does anyone else have any comments on this topic?” Then Vicki responds to Toni’s question with, “Sure, Toni.” Marabel claps.

Vicki asks, “Is there a motion on the floor then, or is there any other discussion? Everyone did a great job and they still are…with showing up on time for their service work.”

Jane asks, “Does this include Alex’s Step Meetings? I am not certain he has them. And I think them important.”

Vicki answers, “It only included the noon and 4:30 meetings, Jane.”

“Oops, sorry,” replied Jane. “No problem,” answers Vicki.

Vicki asks, “Do you want to comment on that Toni?”

Toni answers, “Nope”.

Vicki then says, “I don’t have any comments on that either. Anyone else want to further discuss this?”

TimF answers. “I think 17 members on a committee is a bit overkill, but I encourage a core committee to handle scheduling commitments for ALL 22 meetings – as well as the 8 future meetings on the slate.”

Vicki asks Tim, “8 future?”

Tim answers, “Vicki – the seven 8 pm Step Meetings and the monthly OPEN meeting.”

Toni takes the floor. “Ok…well, being part of the committee is simply being aware of the situation and keeping an eye on the meetings right now. The more people spreading the word when we have a position to be filled, the better.”

Vicki agrees with Toni, and then shares, “I don’t know about the other meetings right now. To me that is something that maybe the daytime committee meeting group needs to discuss, as it encompasses more responsibility, and right now there is quite a bit of responsibility with 16 meetings a week.”

Vicki then says to the room, “I need to ask for someone to lead the meeting for awhile in my absence. Steve, Marabel, Tim are fellow officers? That means I need to be excused for a bit folks right now and would like to ask a fellow officer to take my place, please.”

“I’ll do it if no one objects,” says Toni.

Vicki asks, “You have the agenda, right?”

“Yes,” says Toni.

Cudbme remarks, “I have no idea what is on the table… let it to Donatella.”

“Thanks so much”, Vicki answers.

“Ok…uh…lol.” Toni nervously answers.

“You can get the agenda from someone else here, Cud.” Vicki says before parting.

SteveS remarks, “I am not an officer.” Vicki smiles.

Toni then asks, “Further discussion of daytime committee?”

TimF takes the floor for discussion. “Whether or not this so-called ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ continues, I really loved how it pulled together and covered some 7 empty slots. And now our 22 meetings (which means 44 Trusted Servant slots) are ALL covered. I encourage a committee to handle this for our entire group. Some of the 17 members may drop off, and other members that attend the 8 pm and 10 pm meetings could/should join…but I would encourage a committee to remain in place to handle this, changing its name from ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ to ‘Scheduling Committee’. But you have set a great example, and I hope this continues. Not sure if it needs to be a motion tonight, or just food for thought.”

Toni replies, “I would rather the Daytime Committee currently not handle all the meeting scheduling…and if no one objects, would like to quickly make a motion that the Daytime Committee continue as is and wait for a second.”

Jane takes the floor. “I suggest it makes sense to have one committee handling all of the scheduling, that way there is no confusion and one group knows what is going on.”

Ket asks, “Could Tim and Toni explain their own opinions as to why?”

Jane answers, “Yes, thank you Tim, Ket.”

Jen asks, “In all fairness, this committee was created because the day time meetings were having difficulty, and it looks to me like this committee has done a wonderful job finding a solution to the problem.” TimF smiles.

Jen continues, “It seems to me that if something isn’t broken, why fix it…in other words, why mess it up if it is working?”

Toni asks for further discussion, and asks Ket, “I wasn’t sure of your question, Ket.”

TimF takes the floor. “Thanks…responding to Ket. Once again, I really applaud Vicki and Toni (and their committee of 17 members) in filling the seven open slots that were open from the Noon and 4:30 pm meetings 3 months back.

Sometimes #SLAA has committees that are short-lived…and this committee (like the Openletter Committee that was closed last month) did their job, so this could be closed. But I really liked how they pulled together.

I’m suggesting a ‘Scheduling Committee’ become a NEW permanent committee, and before the ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ is closed, suggest that Toni (the Chair of the Daytime Meeting Committee) close this committee, that she emails the members (17) in it, and thanks them, and opens this committee to handle scheduling for ALL 22 current meetings and the 8 tentative meetings we are considering. Some members will drop off, others will join. Perhaps Toni won’t care to remain Chair…perhaps she will. All things in time. But rather then just close this committee, I’m suggesting forward thinking and more responsibility.”

Jane concurs.

Toni responds to Tim, “Ok, I see what you are saying now Tim…but yes, I would probably drop out, because I only go to the daytime meetings so I know what’s going on.”

Ket interrupts, “Centralizing one committee instead of two…sorry.”

Toni continues, “If I’m on a committee I like to be aware of the situation as possible, since much info is transferred through the chat rather than email and these business meetings…but it is a good idea and I might want to participate if I knew I would be in regular contact with evening ‘regulars’…” Tim smiles.

“But for now,” Toni still continues, “I would rather have these be treated as two separate groups and two separate issues.”

Jane offers, “I volunteer to help Toni. I don’t know, is this just Toni, or Toni and Vicki? It would be good to have three people. Anyway, I volunteer to help and believe it must be centralized.”

Tim shares, “Once again, I really applaud the ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ for their hard work in last few months! Seems like we are all on the same page, hoping to have a long-standing committee to handle scheduling. Is anyone here interested in Chairing this committee?”

Jane replies, “I will until October.”

TimF says, “Wonderful…Toni – will you be willing to co-ordinate with Jane?”

Toni answers, “Sure.”

Jen wonders, “Hmmmm…have we voted yet?” Ket laughs.

TimF motions, “TimF moves to close the ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ and open a ‘Scheduling Committee’ with Jane chairing until October.”

Marabel seconds the motion.

Toni then opens the floor for a vote. “Okay, let’s take a vote “+” for yes, “-“ for no, “x” for abstentions.

Eleven votes are for, one against, and two abstentions. Eight people did not vote.

Tim restates the motion, “TimF moves to close the ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ and open a ‘Scheduling Committee with Jane chairing until October.”

Toni asks, “Do we wait for everyone to vote?”

Jane says, “I second.”

TimF says, “Toni, sorry to interrupt.” Toni answers, “It’s ok.”

TimF asks, “Jen – we like to hear from the minority opinion. Can you share why you are voting negative, please?”

Toni nods, “Yeah. Jen?”

Jane interrupts, “Please vote or participate so we can move the meeting along.”

Jen replies, “Because Vicki isn’t here…and I know that in the past, these meetings were almost closed, and this is something she felt very strongly about, which is why she did work so hard…I just don’t want to see it all fall apart again…that’s all.”

Jane takes the floor. “Vicki is not excluded to my understanding, is she? I hope not or I may not want to volunteer. Done. LOL.”

Jen replies, “She’s just not here right now, she is away from her computer.”

Toni gives Ket the floor, and Jane asks Tim, “Tim, do you want to keep this issue open until Vicki is back?”

Ket shares, “I would like to say why I voted for the unity of the onlines as a whole…”

TimF interrupts, “While I cannot be certain, I don’t think Vicki would object to this at all.
She and I have had our differing points, hers being AGAINST dropping ANY meetings, mine being NEEDING two Trusted Servants.”

Jane says, “Yes.”

TimF continues, “But ALL meetings are now covered, and this committee would be to maintain coverage, so I think she would support this, honestly.”

Kel asks, “Is this a vote as to get rid of the ‘closed meetings’ or is it a vote to open the rooms to ‘open meetings at any time of the day’, either way I won’t rescind my vote, just needed clarification.”

Toni replies, “It is a vote to close the ‘Daytime Committee’ and start a ‘Scheduling Committee’.

Kel says, “Ok.”

Toni shares, “I think scheduling all the meetings is a huge task. I hesitate to chair a scheduling committee (even though Jane volunteered), because I think the person doing scheduling should be keeping an eye on most of the meetings…which I do, for the daytime. It is hard to get info second-hand, until a person actually SEES that the ops are not showing up and keeping their commitments and actually sees that there needs to be changes. It is hard to schedule…then there’s the issue of spreading the word about positions…”

Marabel raises her hand, and Jane says, “Go Marabel.”

Kel relates, “That is why I haven’t volunteered yet.”

Marabel notes, “Waits until Toni is done.”

Toni continues, “I would really love to continue volunteering at keeping the daytime meetings going only, because I am there, I see what’s going on and therefore feel more confident about it. I would like to continue the Daytime Committee, but…if everyone votes against it, oh well.”

Vicki returns, and Marabel takes the floor. Toni hands the gavel back to Vicki.

“First of all, to Jen, if the Committee has some of the members of the Daytime Committee and some of the members of the evening meetings on it, and they work together, things shouldn’t have to go downhill again…”

Tim interrupts to clue Vicki in, “We have a motion and second on floor – being discussed: ‘TimF moves to close the ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ and open a ‘Scheduling Committee’ with Jane chairing until October’. Toni is willing to let Jane chair, (and) Marabel is now sharing on this discussion.”

Marabel continues, “Secondly, if somehow in the leadership, there is designated a daytime contact and evening contact, that should take care of the problem of coverage as far as information gathered between the two halves. Especially since Toni is attuned to day meetings, being that she is mostly at day meetings, she can be the day contact, and all that would be needed is an evening liaison.” Ket nods.

Vicki gives Jane the floor. “I just want you to know what we are talking about, and I really envisioned at least three people being on the committee. Tim moves that we make one scheduling committee instead of the Daytime Meeting Committee, since the crisis is solved. Jen was upset that you did not know, and frankly I think you should too.”

Tim notes, “you=Vicki”.

Jane continues, “And Tim explained what the problem was before. I see no need to two committees for one thing, scheduling. Toni does not want to do it if it includes evenings,
and we believe it can be handled. I just volunteered, I don’t care. Madam, your turn.”

Tim responds, “Jane summarized well. I applaud the Daytime Meeting Committee, and rather than just close it now, I encourage it to change its name to ‘Scheduling Committee’ and expand to all 22 existing meetings and 8 tentative meetings in the planning stages. Most things are handled by email, and I would love to see members that attend the various meetings work together in unity. Some are Nooners, some are 4:30 PM’ers, we hope to get the 8 PM meetings covered, and we have the long-standing 10 PM meetings. So even with a committee and a Chair, no ONE member gets to them all. But I’d like this committee to become long-standing and larger in responsibility. The Daytime Committee had 17 members, some are certainly likely to drop off now that the ‘crisis’ is over, but the committee can include a few core members from each meeting time, IMHO.”

Vicki takes the floor. “Thanks Tim. You are next, Ket. Hi. I am maybe not surprised that I left asking for the daytime committee to be kept up, and please let me know if now it has been voted down? Done, and I have another comment after answer. Do we have a Daytime Committee currently?”

Toni replies, “The majority voted for it to close.”

Jane comments, “You find a good person (You and Toni), you give them more work!”

Vicki responds, “Thanks Toni and Jane. Ok. I don’t know what the deal is, but I do know that the Daytime Meetings were threatened to be closed, a few of them, anyway, because they didn’t have two op’s…”

Ket interrupts, “Nor should one member be responsible for all. I would like to give Toni the opportunity to say if she wants to leave the chair.”

Vicki continues, “…So that is when I decided that it was going to take a lot of work. I asked for a committee to be formed, and since the committee was formed, have felt a great deal of pressure, especially from the business meeting to report and have things together for the meeting here, even though things have progressed very well. Sometimes,
when things are done and people are taking action, sometimes you receive criticism. In this case at times that is what I have felt, real or perceived.

Now, after asking that the Daytime Committee remain, obviously it was outvoted. I am disappointed, but will abide by the decision of the group conscience. In some ways I feel it was done in my absence for a reason, and don’t appreciate it. Doing the nightly meetings also by the Scheduling Committee is something that I guess that is now in another committee..and does it hurt? Yes. This is recovery…”

Jane says, “I withdraw and go with Vicki.”

“…So I guess that the group wishes,” Vicki continues, “and believe me, no one can speak for me unless I approve of it…I will go with group conscience, but still disagree. Ket has the floor, Tim is next. Ket?”

Vicki notes, “is glad now to have taken a nap,” and smiles.

Marabel remarks, “Notes the time, and wants to know what next.”

Vicki says, “Right, me too. Go ahead Tim, and then Marabel and then Jane.”

Ket comes in late to the floor. “Ok, I think we should be looking at some of the principles (and) traditions, and if that means we have to go away and become informed, so be it.”

Vicki responds, “Go ahead Ket, sorry Tim.”

Tim reminds, “Business meetings run 90 minutes, with NO new business after 75 minutes. But we’ve been discussing an item for a bit…”

Vicki reminds in response, “Ket has the floor though right now, Tim.”

Jane remarks, “Good decision, so we come back to it?”

Ket responds, “Done.”

TimF makes a motion, “I move that we extend this session 15 minutes to have fair closure to this item of business.”

Toni seconds, and Marabel agrees. Cudbme and Ket nod.

Vicki says, “Wait, please. Ok.”

Jane interrupts, “I did not know there was so much history with this issue, it just made sense.”

Vicki starts, “There is a motion on the floor…”

Jane responds, “Okay.”

Vicki continues, “…to extend the session for 15 minutes. All in favor? Vote. All opposed?”

Thirteen vote yes, there are no “no” votes or abstentions.

TimF notes, “Seems like a majority – may I continue?”

Kel replies, “Please.” Vicki says, “Ok.”

Cudbme grouses, “Can we just go on already?”

TimF asks, “Vicki…I move that we extend this session 15 minutes to have fair closure to this item of business. Oops. Finding the previous motion (one second)…”

Vicki says, “Already done.”

Kel asks, “Didn’t we just vote that one?”

“Yes Kel,” answers Vicki.

TimF restates the previous motion, “TimF moves to close the ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ and open a ‘Scheduling Committee’ with Jane chairing until October.”

TimF then says, “Vicki…”

Jane interrupts, “Tim, I can’t if Vicki is not in favor.”

Tim continues, “While we took a vote (that had a majority), Jen voted “-“, and we asked for her opinion…”

Jane interrupts, “I did not understand. I guess.”

“…She alluded to your thinking, and we never closed that vote…” Tim continued.

Vicki answers, “I will abide by the group conscience, Tim.”

Tim goes on, “In your return, you also seem to present some opposition…”

Kel interrupts, “While I cannot say for this moment in time, I would be willing to volunteer as chair in the future, if that may help.”

Jane interrupts, “I withdraw from chairing if Vicki and Toni are not a part.”

Ket interrupts, “Has Toni had a choice to step down?”

Tim goes on, “I value your opinion very strongly…the very last thing I want is for anything political to happen here that you (as our Chairperson) do not support!”

Kel says, “Seconds that.”

Tim goes on, “Our heartfelt thanks went out to the Daytime Meeting Committee…”

Ket remarks, “No one is listening to one another.”

“…and our thinking was that this committee, having done it’s job, would fold.” Tim finishes.

Vicki asks, “Was that voted on, Tim?”

Ket interrupts, “Who’s thinking, Tim?”

“I was simply suggesting that this committee become a long-standing committee (changing its name to the “Scheduling Committee”), allowing new members to join from the 8 pm and 10 pm meetings, with NO disrespect to the wonderful job that this committee already accomplished...” Tim continues.

“Would that mean that anyone from the daytime would not be allowed to join if they so chose?” asks Kel.

“…but I would really like to hear more from YOU (Vicki) about your thoughts.” Tim finishes.

Vicki begins to respond, “To make things clear for ME…”

Tim answers Kel’s question, “Kel- NO- Anyone!”

“…was it voted on to close the Daytime Committee yet?” asks Vicki.

“No,” Jane replies.

“Thanks. Please share Toni,” says Vicki.

Ket interrupts, “I think it’s a great idea Tim, but I think the others feel railroaded.”

Toni responds, “It was voted, the vote was not ‘closed’ because I wasn’t sure about how to do that. And to be clearer myself.”

Jane interrupts, “Because Vicki was not here.”

Tim shares, “While voted to change the committee from “Daytime Meeting Committee” to “Scheduling Committee”, we were hearing input…”

Toni shares, “I am more than willing to DO the Scheduling for daytime meetings, however, if there is simply a scheduling committee with no separation between the daytime ones and the evening ones, I am not interested…which means a whole new committee will have to start, or, which I think will not happen right now, seeing as Jane was the only volunteer and now she withdraws…so what will happen to the scheduling at this point, if we close this vote?”

Marabel raises her hand for the floor.

Ket says, “That’s manipulation.”

Vicki responds, “Thanks, Toni.”

Jane says, “Marabel, please…”

Vicki says, “I think it’s Jane’s turn, then Marabel, then Joel.”

Marabel asks, “Vicki?”

“I forgot you were here Vicki,” says Jane.

Marabel says, “defers to Jane, then me, then Joel.”

Jane states, “I don’t understand the issue here. I think Vicki and Toni did a wonderful job and continue to…In my ignorance I do not know the difference in daytime meetings and night meetings. Are they different? Vicki was terrific in getting the slots filled, Toni is terrific at being there always and has a good presence. I thought all the slots were filled, and now it is management. I would like to say, if someone is not going to show up to do something they promised, then take your name off. That is irresponsible. I don’t understand the rest and I am keeping my mouth shut. I must support Vicki and Toni.”

Vicki takes the floor. “As I understand it, the topic is still, ‘Do you want to close the Daytime Committee?’”

Vicki gives Marabel the floor.

Tim interrupts, “While voted to change the committee from ‘Daytime Meeting Committee to ‘Scheduling Committee’ – we were hearing input.”

Marabel begins. “I would like to make a suggestion and an offer. I would like to suggest that we continue to have Toni and Vicki as a part of the Daytime component of the Scheduling Committee, and I will gladly step up to the plate as Chair for the evening component of this committee. I would like to see us work together to keep the schedule organized and not have us polarized because of who is doing what where…”

Ket and Kel both say, “Yes.”

Marabel continues, “If I were to make a motion, I would suggest, ‘I move to change the ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ to the ‘Scheduling Committee’, and add members representing the evening meetings to round out the Scheduling Committee.’ We could have a Day Chair and an Evening Chair, or we could have one Chair and a daytime rep and evening rep…”

Kel and Ket nod.

“That is my suggestion, and yes, I will gladly be a part of this new Scheduling Committee, no matter the outcome,” Marabel finishes.

Vicki gives Joel the floor.

“Scrolling back I noticed that Toni and I abstained from voting. I abstained because I didn’t understand the question. I don’t know why Toni abstained, but I do not recall the gavel coming down on this vote. In fact, I think it is still open,” Joel responds.

Toni agrees, “Same here, did not understand.”

Joel offers, “I think the question should be called again.”

Vicki gives Kel the floor. Kel asks, “Could we possibly take a revote as to what Marabel has ‘offered’ so that there is unity on this issue either way, as I believe that in keeping both teams active would be beneficial to the group as a whole?”

Vicki says, “The question that was on the agenda that I was given…”

TimF interrupts, “TimF accepts Marabel’s friendly amendment to his motion.” Ket laughs.

Vicki continues, “…was whether or not to do away with the Daytime Committee.”

TimF restates the suggested amendment of Marabel’s, “If I were to make a motion, I would suggest, ‘I move to change the “Daytime Meeting Committee” to the “Scheduling Committee”, and add members representing the evening meetings to round out the Scheduling Committee.’”

Vicki says, “Wait, let’s not crosstalk. Please. Do we drop that question that was put forth in the agenda that was made up? Because I try hard to follow that format. It might be wise to make that decision and not bring up new items, but that is just my opinion. What I hear is to change the Daytime Committee to a Scheduling Committee that will service both of the daytime, nighttime and step, etc. meetings. What I was trying to do was to help save the Daytime Meetings when I joined that group from the chopping block, because the Daytime people don’t have as much voice at THIS business meeting, because obviously, they can make the meetings during the day, not at night. So that was yet another reason for the committee, to give the daytimers a voice at this meeting so their meetings don’t become threatened again.”

Toni is given the floor. “I would be willing to be a ‘daytime representative’ but not a chair,” Toni states.

Kel takes the floor. “As I understand things, there is a daytime committee and a separate nighttime committee, and while both are working hard to keep both alive, in the mean time neither are working together…”

Jen says, “What?”

Kel continues, “…so in keeping in what Marabel has offered and in being fair to the existing committee, would it not be more feasible to the entire group to have the following: ONE CHAIR, ONE DAY REP, ONE NIGHT REP AND A SECRETARY with whom all of the above could go to in case someone isn’t available for whatever reason?”

Vicki offers feedback to Kel’s question. “If you don’t mind Cudbme…”

“Go ahead, VJ,” says Cudbme.

“Thanks. Kel, I view it, and this is only my position as a type of intergroup thing. There needs to be representatives from all the meetings to the intergroup. I understand, I think, what you are saying with x amounts of chairs and reps. I’m not exactly sure how that would go, but I would be open to whatever the group decides in a group conscience.”

Cudbme takes the floor. “I have been sitting here, and since this topic came up I have given it thought…From the time this committee was formed, as you said VJ, to save the daytime meetings…however I think a intergroup process is probably best now. I am listening and knowing what goes on behind the scenes, and know it’s not going to be easy to always keep the positions filled. So, I think cooperation is needed to secure the meetings continue fed with ‘fresh hmm..persons’ to fill the empty gaps, because frankly, even I find myself missing some of my own meetings and realize that there are a lot of new faces in the meetings as well. So, I’m very glad to hear Marabel’s suggestion…I like that…and it also supports your ‘own interests’ to keep your daytime meetings secure under your guidance. As you say, we do need to find someone to take on the chair position that coordinates the two reps from both daytime and evening…however, probably…as in finding new OP’s, could be found. So…I’d just like to see us cooperate and move forward, and I too am very inspired by the cooperation and performance of all those who supported the daytime committee, which I was a part of. It’s getting late. I’ve said what I feel.”

Tim says, “after Jane, call the question.”

Vicki says, “Ok, if I may, can I repost the current question?”

Jane interrupts, “I move to keep the Day Time Committee as it is for now. Everything in time.”

Kel remarks, “I think Jane was next.”

Vicki replies, “Since it is getting so late…? Yes, Jane was next, but I want to keep focus.”

Jane says, “I made the motion above.”

Vicki answers, “There is also this one. “TimF moves to close the ‘Daytime Meeting Committee’ and open a ‘Scheduling Committee’ with Jane chairing until October.”

Vicki continues, “Now we have worked on the previous one from TimF for quite a long time now. Do we want to change the motions on the floor? Or revisit this next month’s meeting? That is my question.”

Jane says, “I withdraw Tim.”

Marabel motions, “Moves to table this discussion until the next business meeting.”

Kel seconds Marabel’s motion.

Vicki notes, “Ok, now we have a motion and a second to table this discussion til’ next month. Further discussion on this? Or let’s vote?”

Jen says, “Let’s vote.”

Cudbme, Ket, Marabel and Tim all say, “Let’s vote.”

Vicki says, “Vote “+” to put this on next month’s agenda, or “-“ against that.”

8 people vote “yes”, two vote “no”, and 3 abstain.

Vicki notes, “Tim and Toni are against tabling this motion, abstaining are JWR, df and Pug.”

Jane asks, “Why are the others not voting?”

Vicki states, “Let’s call on each of these people to ask their opposition.”

Jen notes, “Jen has 16 more report cards to do…and has to get up at 6 am…sorry to have to go…good night all.”

Vicki says, “They are absent from the vote.” Jane and Cudbme wave goodnight to Jen.

Vicki continues, “Tim is the first to oppose…you want to give your input, Tim?”

Tim responds, “We’ve talked this to death, and I see this as a break in unity. Daytime meetings and evening meetings are ALL part of #SLAA Online Group, and this change in committee from “Daytime” to “Scheduling” would incorporate MORE service positions…”

“Is that a 2/3 majority for carrying the vote did occur, btw,” quipped Vicki.

“Those of 17 wishing to drop off – so be it,” Tim continues. “Those wishing to join – WTG…so the motion did carry…”

Kel “reminds policy of not cross talking, Vicki.”

Jane interrupts, “No.”

“…But I see the need for a unified Committee to do this, and feel that the Daytime Committee did its job…”

DougG interrupts, “I’ve chosen to drop off…this evening I hosted and attended my last meeting.”

Tim continues, “…Just hope the many of those 17 members are willing to stay onboard, but we have a need for a larger picture Committee and members from ALL times…”

Ket asks, “Doug?”

“…as NO ONE attends all our various times,” Tim continues, “so I hope a new committee could fulfill this, and I’d hate to see something that has been talked about for an hour…done.”

Vicki asks, “So what is your solution, Tim? And then next is uhmmm…Toni.”

Toni takes the floor. “I voted against doing this next month…”

Tim replies to Vicki’s question, “My solution is to call the question.”

“…because like Tim said, I hate to see it talked about again and not resolved…” Toni continues.

Kel interrupts, “Crosstalk, I know it’s hard, BUT…”

“…but majority voted yes, so…that’s fine,” Toni finishes.

Tim notes, “Jane was in the majority.”

Vicki responds to Jane’s raised hand. “Go ahead Jane.”

Tim raises his hand and says, “Call the question!”

Ket says, “No, I voted for now.”

Jane replies, “I am afraid I will just cause more confusion.”

Vicki reminds,“Let’s call the original question in the agenda…to keep it simple. Since the motion did not carry, and if a new item comes up about changing names of the committee and responsibilities, that can come up at another meeting, as this item hadn’t been ‘talked’ about, and we can start fresh. The original question in the agenda was and I believe still should be, ‘Do you want to fold the daytime committee?’”

TimF takes the floor for a point of order.

“That was not the motion (with second) tonight. That was food for thought.”

Jane interrupts and asks, “May I type it?”

Tim answers, “Please.” Vicki says, “Sure.”

Jane restates, “Daytime Committee Meeting – Shall we continue this committee to coordinate the schedule for all meetings and keep it up-to-date? Per the agenda.”

Joel remarks and reposts, “The motion was ‘TimF moves to close the “Daytime Meeting Committee” and open a “Scheduling Committee” with Jane chairing until October.’”

Marabel asks for the floor, but before she takes the floor, Tim says, “We had a majority in favor – with ONE negative (Jen) and two or three abstentions.”

Jane quickly shares, “But I withdraw, I must go with Vicki and Toni. I did not know.”

Joel quips, “Therefore the motion is moot.”

Jane replies, “Not the one as scheduled.”

Vicki asks, “So what do you see the motion as being, Tim?”

Marabel, exasperated, shares, “I am going to withdraw from this particular committee. Evidently this committee is too emotionally charged and too polarized…”

Kel agrees, “Me too.”

Vicki says, “Sorry Marabel.”

TimF laughs.

Marabel continues, “…and this whole thing is really messing with my serenity!”

Jane laughs, and says, “Yes.”

Vicki says, “Thanks Marabel, and I think we all relate,” and smiles.

Vicki then turns the floor over to Tim.

Tim shares, “Vicki – I was just about to say the same. I do NOT like how the Daytime members are polarized from the nighttime members. For two years, I have sought to put the schedule together. This year has been very difficult, but you and Toni rose to the occasion. But I’m not going to argue with you. I don’t see why you feel that there needs to be a separate daytime committee, but so be it. I let HP handle this, and I wash my hands. I feel that your committee did its job. Now, I don’t care if you dissolve or not. Just don’t care.”

“Sorry you feel that way Tim,” answers Vicki. “I think we can resolve things, and I don’t think it is all about serenity to work things out.”

Vicki then addresses the floor. “I would like to know what motion is on the floor/question, because it isn’t about being polarized. It was a motion on the agenda.”

Vicki asks Tim, “Do you wish to withdraw the motion, Tim? Because I would like to know, what motion/question is on the floor.” Vicki notes Cudbme’s raised hand.

TimF replies, “No motion.” Vicki says, “Thanks. Go ahead Cudbme.”

Cudbme shares, “Wow, well…now I’ve seen this thing turn south. Seems there is a bit of denial and polarizing going on…and we’re all tired…I motion that we bring this up to next month’s meeting and give it some REAL thought. Thanks. Done.”

Jane says, “I second.”

Vicki takes the floor.“We have another motion to table this on the floor and a second. Discussion?”

Then Vicki shares, “This subject got convoluted and emotional…to me, because there were wrenches brought into the question, let’s keep the question clear to all in the future of what is on the floor, ‘cuz I haven’t been sure. Any more discussion?”

TimF notes, “Right now it is to table the question about the Daytime Committee.”

Vicki then says, “Let’s vote then on tabling. Thanks Tim.”

Marabel asks, “I thought we just did?”

Vicki says, “It didn’t pass, Marabel.” Marabel answers, “Ok, thanks.”

Six votes were for adjourning, three were against adjourning, and there were two abstentions.

Vicki says, “We don’t have a majority to table, so I’m not sure where that leaves us.”

Jane asks, “2/3 is a majority, isn’t it?” Vicki says, “Yes.”

JWR (Jaime) asks, “Majority of those present or those voting?”

Vicki answers, “Those voting.”

Jaime then says, “If voting, I’ll leave and change the odds. Abstention is a non-vote?”

Vicki says, “Yes, Jaime.”

TimF moves to adjourn, and Jane as well as Jaime seconds.

Vicki then says, “Then let’s close the meeting. Does anyone mind posting the closing prayer?

Vicki posts the Serenity Prayer at 12:43 AM EST on March 16, 2004.

Respectfully submitted by
Marabel, Secretary
#SLAA Online Group