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Business meeting for 2/15/03

Members Present for the meeting were: Tim, Leigha, Jonathan, Osiyeza (Camille), Cathy, Marabel, Steve, dave-wv, wishin, Annb, VJ (Vicki)

Announcements were made by TimF

A) We would like to welcome our new operators since 12/15/02 -- bringing us to 60 operators: Jo (12/21); Osiyeza=Camille (12/29); Deanna (1/22); PhilH=Phil (2/6); and VK[was VeeKay]=Vonnie (2/9). [Deanna does not have the operator scripts, but is an operator as a courtesy to a growing interfellowship. We hope to provide Vanessa the same privelege shortly; a number of SLAA operators are already operators in the #SCA room.]

B) In honor of the #SLAA Online Group's 7-year Anniversary Celebration, we had ten Speaker Meetings with an average attendance of 17.5 members for the speakers' shares (attended the meeting early enough to hear the speaker) and 21 for the meetings (arrived late or left early), with 30 concurrent attendees at numerous times. To date, our record attendance has been 35 once, 33 twice, and 31 once -- so we came close to breaking a record. Nine of the ten speakers (so far) have provided permission for their shares to be posted on our website, and this has been done.

C) The SLAA-FWS Annual Board Conference/Meeting is July 8-11 near Boston MA. The Annual Convention is October 10-12 near Clearwater/St. Petersburg FL. TimF has more information and registration forms for anyone interested. [The SCA ISO Annual Conference is February 21-23 in Los Angeles, CA -- please keep Vanessa and Deanna in your prayers.]

D) As you know, "we have no dues or fees, but SLAA-FWS does have expenses (7th Tradition) and a form is available at to faciliate direct contributions to SLAA Fellowship Wide Services." Through the end of March, every $2 contributed by members to SLAA Fellowship Wide Services will be matched with an additional $3. Details are found at

E) The SLAA-FWS Anorexia Committee is asking, "Does anorexia tie in with your sex and love addiction and how?" Please feel free to email answers to by mid-June. There are also SLAA Journal articles on anorexia - visit (and atwo.jpg) for the info and order forms.

F) A freelance writer for Honey magazine (a nationally published magazine for African-American women), is currently trying to find a female sex addict to interview for an upcoming article. (Their only requirements: the addict is between the ages of 20-34, African-American, and willing to talk openly about her experiences and how she was able to seek help for her addiction.) If you know of anyone who fits this description and... might be willing to participate, please feel free to pass along this email address or contact information, and ask them to contact me as soon as possible. While a photograph for the magazine would be ideal, it is NOT necessary and they would be happy to protect any woman's anonymity. Stephanie Booth (for HONEY magazine) phone/fax: 908-237-2440

G) In recent months, we have been auditing the email database for operators. We believe that we have been keeping the CStar "mask" database up to date. The Yahoo!Group for operators ( has 46 of our 60 operators belonging at this time. While this generated a lot of a "stir" back in June of 2002 when it was founded, we now have had 25 messages in the last six months (an average of 4/month). We will be sending emails to the remaining 14 operators (again) in the coming month to "invite" (not "subscribe") them to this list so that we can remain in touch more easily and anonymously. Only the five officers have access to the email addresses in the group. You only break the anonymity of your email address if you SEND a communication to the group. Operators and members are always welcome to send email to

H) The "Operator Scripts Committee was formed last year, but remained dormant. TimF and hhope=Becky hope to begin meeting in the coming months. If anyone is interested, please email to express an interest. This committee is open to anyone with a desire; you do not have to be an operator to join.

The first item of business: For the last two years, we’ve had a "canned" textual email that we send to newcomers that email us for info about joining our room. It is fairly lengthy. A request for a committee to redo it to be simpler. Camille, Dave, Steve and Mara volunteered.

A request for Operator support at the 4:30pm meeting was made. A reminderwas made that anyone can lead a meeting, not just ops. A reminder of our need for ops was also included in the discussion. Other suggestions were made in how to advise people outside the business meeting of this. They included a mention of a popup or information on our website. Another suggestion was to change the topic line throughout a meeting to occasionally remind people of these issues.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:07 pm EST.

Submitted by,

Leigha, Secretary

Posted by Co-Webmaster Becky