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Meeting for Business, November 15, 2002

Members Present for the meeting were: Tim, James2, Vicki, Marabel, Michelle

Announcements were made by TimF. An email was sent out to operaters requesting availability to service commitments. Tim had received 14 replies. Tim would like to see Speaker meetings organized again for the 7-yr anniversary of #slaa. He is hoping to have volunteers to coordinate the planning. Announcements are occasionally being made about conferences/retreats/conventions.

The minutes of September 2002 meeting were approved.

SLAA_FWS wants our opinion at #slaa on a new book of experiences. SLAA_FWS specifically wants to know how many volumes and what the pricing should be. They have approached #slaa for input. Tim emailed all operators and let them know about it. That allowed the operators to ask the members at each meeting for input. Results were to be compiled by TimF on Nov 22, 2002. Various opinions of size and price were discussed.

The second item of business discussed was whether to make the men’s meetings mixed. We possibly could attract female TS and provide a weekend, daytime meeting for all. The question is whether we should make it official by changing it on c-star and SLAA_FWS and our website. Glenn and Vicki and Tim all shared there was never any discord with opening it to women if they were present. Marabel motioned for the meeting to become an open-share meeting. It was seconded by James and was subsequently passed.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50pm (EST), Novemer 15, 2002.

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Leigha, Secretary

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