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Minutes for Member's Meeting, August 15, 2002

Members Present for the meeting were: Tim, Michelle, Jonathan, Leighia, Christina, Jen, Glenn (Ubergoober), Nate, Marabel, Valerie (wishin), Vicki (VJ), Tia, RudyJ, Christopher (Sahajyogi)

Announcements were made by TimF. Jack, Irene and LindaW are new operators. The schedule for ops was announced again with a request for service commitments for noon and 4:30 meetings for back-ups and all positions for Men’s meetings, and greeter backup needs for the women's meeting. A request has been made for a Saturday 4:30 meeting. Volunteers are needed. There have been increased complaints of cross-talk in the last few months. A formal step-study is being considered. If interested email Hazeldon is promoting a nw meditation book by M Beattie. For more information go to The list of books related to SLAA has been updated (300 titles). Visit if you are a slaa yahoo group member. 8900 visitors have visited our website. The idea of proxy vote was presented for future business meetings. A personal request was submitted on 6/11 for financial help. This is posted on the agenda.

The minutes of the 7/15/2002 meeting were approved.

The first item of business discussed was whether to make the men’s meetings mixed to attract available female TS and provide a weekend, daytime meeting for all. Lack of TS support is causing instabilty in the meeting schedule. SLAA-FWS directory will be published soon, and it was suggested that we not publish a meeting that is not strong enough to carry through a year. A motion was made to remove the Sat and Sunday noon meetings and the 9pm Wednesday meeting from the registered SLAA-FWS directory. A group consensus was not reached. All 21 meetings will be printed.

The second item on the table was to consider whether all ops should op-in during meetings. This was discussed at the 7/15 meeting: The discussion focused on the perceptions of newcomers and the flow of meetings. It was posed that some members may find the list of ops a segregating factor while others may see it as very helpful. A possible solution was that ops would not "op-in" (other than leader and greeter for that meeting) but would use another symbol with their name to identify themselves. Another possibility was a list of ops being put in the opening scripts or a show of hands at the beginning of a meeting.

A group conscience was formed to extend the meeting. The motion to extend was passed.

This item was to determine whether to reconsider this, form a committee for further study or vote again. Both sides restated their arguments. A committee is being formed, all those interested are asked to email

The meetings was adjourned at 1:14 (ET) on August 16, 2002.

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Leigha, Secretary

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