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I. (A) Reading of Minutes -
(B) Approval of Minutes
II. Old Business (A) Susan's report on meeting schedule status-Tabled (susan absent)
(B) Ken's Report on Guideline Committee- Tabled-secretary and liason to work to resolve basic format for review questionaire.
III. (A) Treasurer's Report -
(B) Approval of Treasures reports from Jan and February 
IV. New Business
a. New Ops? Janey, Artz, Leenie, and SoLou-all approved by vote accept SoLou who was absent- His is tabled.
b. Filling of Web-Master and Co-Web Positions-Advertise on banner for Help.
c. Adding one or two speaker meetings per month-added one speaker share per month
d. Alex: Questions regarding shares that include illegal activities -Alex absent-tabled due to hour.
e. Discusion of alternating the business meetings every other month to be at noon so that the members from different time zones could participate- Tabled due to hour.
f. Lynn volunteered to organize speaker shares.
V. Closing Prayer