Minutes of the SLAAOnline Business meeting
February 5, 2008

Attendance: Christina, Lotus, Ali, Becca, Bill1965, BobK, Curtis, Diane12, Jennie, Lynn, VJ, L-bob, Xiaochuch, Meghan, Espo.

The meeting was called to order with a prayer at 10:12pm.

The agenda was read and approved.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer's Report was read and approved.

Old Business:

Proposed Modifications to the behavior guidelines. The proposed guidelines have been reviewed at a meeting of the Operators and modified according to their recommendations. Revised sections read as follows.

On the original behavior guidelines the third paragraph down to read as this...

In maintaining the safety of our room, we endeavor to follow the SLAA © Twelve Traditions. Since our room is open 24/7, however, when a person if found to be in clear violation of our behavior guidelines, we find that issuing a warning, which may subsequently lead up to a ban if necessary is sometimes needed to provide safety to all of our members that may arrive - especially newcomers in the room when there is not an operator available to handle problem resolution. We are also hosted by StarLink-IRC.Org, so we need to be mindful of their concerns, as well.

To modify #14 of the behavior guideline to read as this....

14. Remaining in a room while not at your computer for long periods can under certain circumstances be considered an invasion of privacy. If an operator considers this a problem you will be kicked. If your computer is on auto reconnect, you will be kicked and banned when your computer reconnects to the room. The ban will be lifted after five minutes thus hoping to disable the auto reconnect feature. It would typically occur if a member has been idle (away from keyboard) for more than 90-minutes and a meeting is about to start or between meetings if a member is sharing a very personal story.

Modifications to the list of steps in the discipline procedures to read as this....

A) Offender breaching the behavior guidelines need to be directly confronted in pm by and op or officer and issued a warning ( logging is allowed in this situation)

B) If the offender continues, de-voice them for a period of time up to a period of 10 minutes maximum, and post a written verbal warning in the main room

C) If the behavior continues kick them from the room with another written verbal warning in the main room

D) If the offender continues to breach the behavior guidelines after all the above actions have been taken, they are to be asked to come over to slaa2 with a minimum of two other ops or officers and confronted. They need to be told they had been warned and are now going to get a one day ban, and then issue a one day ban. A one day ban may be issued twice, and then a one week ban is put in place. After a one week ban a one month ban may be issued if needed. Two officers must be present in slaa2 upon the issue of a one week ban or more. Make sure to always report any ban in an email to slaaonline@yahoo and send any logs as well.

E) When a persons ban is expired an email needs to be sent to all ops informing them that the ban on the individual is up. This will prevent any conflicts or misunderstandings in the room.

F) If a person is found to be evading a ban, then and only then should channels become involved, as noted below

When an Operator should go to Channels:

When a person is found or suspected to be evading a ban or a G -line set by Channels

When an Op is having trouble with technical issues

For anything having to do with C-Star commands, such as fixing someone's mask, etc..

The motion to change the Guidelines passed.

Motion to Place a banner (Welcome message) to inform members of the changes to the Guidelines, and to recommend that all newcomers read the guidelines. Motion passed.

New Business:

Becca and Bill 1965 were confirmed as Trusted Servants.

Motion to Inform inactive operators by email that their operator status will be revoked unless they contact slaaonline@yahoo.com and exercise their position by chairing a meeting within thirty days of notification. Motion passed.

Motion, No officer or operator shall be exempt from the disciplinary guidelines. Motion passed.

Motion, First week of every month at noon, first step shares shall be shared as needed. (No specific amount of sobriety is required to share. Anyone may share their experiences.) Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:49