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Minutes for Members Meeting March 15, 2002

In attendance at the meeting were: Rick B, Jonathan, James2, Jenel, George W, Becky (hhope), Rob Z, Katy J, myra and Vicki.

Rick B requested someone to fill in for the Vice-Chairperson and Web in Tim F's absence. George W. offered to cover Vice Chairpersons duties. Jenel volunteered to watch over the web. Rick B then made a motion to accept George's offer to be Vice Chair for the remainder of the year and for Jenel to be Web Master during Tim's absence. Vicki seconded this motion. The motion was voted on and carried.

Jenel requested for the opening scripts to contain Love Addiction as well as Sexual Addiction. George W. made a motion to let Jenel modify the scripts as noted and James seconded this motion. The motion was voted on and passed.

Rick B. would like to have the schedule for meetings re-circulated and for OP's to set good examples for the meeting groups. OP's need to refrain from inappropriate behavior due to the authority capacity given to them. More discussion was requested on this issue for the future and it was recommended for us to meditate and pray over this issue. James made a motion to table this issue for more thought and George W seconded this motion. All were in favor.

Rick B made a motion to adjourn the meeting with Vicki seconding this motion.

Special thanks to Jenel and George W for their extra service work.

Respectfully submitted by Vicki, secretary