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Minutes for Members Meeting January 15, 2002

Members Present: Tim F., Rick B., Rob Z., Gail, Dave, Barb, Leigh, Shimbo (Al), Carrie, Jen, SarahB, Bri, Another_Me, CharlieR, cher, dfwron, and james2.

The meeting was opened at 10:12 PM EST.

Tim F asked to have the minutes approved and this was seconded by RobZ. The motion was voted on and passed by those in attendance.

Ban Issue: Tim F. made a motion that was slightly adjusted by Rick B. The motion was: ‘In keeping this a safe environment, the officers shall seek to hear both sides of any behavioral complaint on a case-by-case basis, where possible allowing both parties to address the matter in the safe company of at least two officers.’ This motion was seconded by Gail. Voted on and passed.

Private Channel Web-Site Hosting: This concerns a bulletin board between meetings for members to share on. Al generously offered a site for this to take place on w/o banner ads on. It is recommended to keep hosting neutral. The issue was tabled. Tim commented that beta-testing is welcomed at site.

Women’s Meeting: Discussion took place of the women’s meetings. Tim F made a motion to register #SLAA2 with Starlink IRC upon securing 7 email addresses. Rob Z seconded this motion that was voted on and passed. Those in attendance willing to give their email addresses were: Carrie, Tim F, Dave, Shimbo, Rob Z. Vicki would also like to add her address.

Meeting Topics: Rob Z offered to have a tag meeting once a month. The issues of topic meeting had been voted on and passed at the 12/15 meeting. Good luck and thanks for your service Rob!

Name Change: Rick B. brought up a suggestion for the name to change to Intergroup Meeting rather than Members Meeting or Business Meeting. After some discussion the thought of keeping the meeting name the same to Members Meeting was kept. Of course the current secretary needs to take note of this and keep calling this the Members meeting <s>

Fellowship World Service: Tim F has found out that our group isn’t registered with the FWS and feels we need to do so but we need a group conscience to proceed. Rick B. made a motion that Tim proceeds with registering this meeting with the Fellowship Wide Services of SLAA. Tim F seconded this motion. This motion was voted on and passed.

Tabled items: Rick B proposed to table some items. A proposal to have a technical channel group and a 12-step channel group. A proposal to have a channel ‘bot’ which would automate certain channel functions. Tim F asked to table an announcement in MS-Word for f2f meetings about our group located at and have people review this announcement before it is publicly linked from the website for review. Comments are welcomed.

Tim F moved to adjourn the meeting with Rick B seconding this motion.

The meeting was closed with the Serenity Prayer. The meeting was closed at 11:48 PM

Respectively submitted by Vicki J, secretary