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Start of #slaa2 buffer: Tue Jan 09 21:32:49 2007

I. Reading of Minutes -
II. Approval of Minutes
III. Treasurer's Report -
IV. New Business
a. New Ops? Patricia
b. Filling of Web-Master and Co-Web Positions
c. Report from evan re speaker meetings for January
d. Discussion re adding banner for speakers for group anniversary
e. Ken's Report on Guideline Committee
f. Susan's report on meeting schedule status..
V. Closing Prayer

Short format or 3 minutes per person upto once each per item on
discussion was past and accepted by those in attendance.

The minutes of the previous 3 minutes were reviewed and accepted.

The treasurers report was put on hold as it had not been posted
yet and Lotus was not in attendance. This is held over for Feb
business meeting and will be addressed under old business at that

(A) New Ops? Patricia. She was present and passed by majority vote
to be accepted as an Op.

(B) WebMaster/Co-Webmaster- Ken volunteered on an interim basis in a
limited capacity.
The group agreed to put up a banner in #slaa advertising need for

(C) Evans report on january speakers list- The group asked offered to
help with adding a banner to the room askign for speakers.
Kens motion with outlines for the shares in email form was passed.

(D) Kens report on the guideline committee.-Ken is still in process
of generating a questionaire to send out. Need to bring into Feb
business meeting.

(e) Lotus report on condition of meeting attendance. Held over to
Feb as she is not in attendance.

Meeting closed with serenity prayer