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Minutes for Members Meeting August 15, 2001
OP’s In Attendance: GoldenI, Memlock, RickB, TimF, VanAllen, VJ
Non OP’s in Attendance: Munjoymam, SarahB

The meeting was opened by RickB at 11:14 pm

GeorgeW will retain high level access.
Rick B opened the discussion concerning retaining GeorgeW as a level 450 OP although he is no longer an officer. Memlock questioned if being an officer is the only condition for having high level accesss in the bylaws. TimF clarified what the levels of access meant. Memlock made a motion that GeorgeB be allowed to retain high level OP’s. This motion was seconded by GoldenI. Seven members voted in favor. This was a unanimous vote.

On the 15th of the Month the Business/Members Meeting will be conducted in #SLAA2 with a regular meeting being conducted in #SLAA.
TimF mentioned the group conscience that took place changing the time of the business meeting from immediately after a regular meeting to taking place of the meeting to bolster attendance at the business/members meeting. It was decided then that people could have an informal meeting after the business meeting and if a newcomer enters the room then another member could inform them of the business meeting only taking place once a month.

GoldenI asked if we could put the business meeting as a header for those entering the room with Memlock asking if we could add another line to the banner. TimF informed the group that the space available for the text is at a maximum at this time.

Munjoymam asked if it was possible to just have regular chat in #SLAA room while the business meeting was taking place. Tim brought up that the Business/Members Meeting was planned to conducted in #SLAA2 and not #SLAA and that members may be distracted with another meeting going on. RickB suggested to announce the business meeting in the Topic in #SLAA and hold the business meeting in #SLAA2. TimF made a motion to conduct the Members/Business Meetings concurrently with regular meeting with Members’ Meeting in room #SLAA2. Memlock seconded the motion. Seven members voted and the motion passed unanimously.

Meetings will be conducted without OP’s in attendance.
RickB brought up the topic of meetings taking place without an OP in attendance posting scripts. He questioned if this is endorsing ideas not necessarily those of SLAA additionally he brought up that in face to face meetings a meeting will take place where 2 or more are in attendance. Memlock agreed with the second viewpoint. GoldenI informed

The group of having meetings where no OP was in attendance and all went well. Munjoymam made a motion “When there are no OP’s available we let the 12 step process happen naturally”. Memlock seconded this motion. Six members voted for this motion with none opposed.

RickB announced the group would table the approval the minutes and to review them at the website: http// The approval of these minutes will be voted on for approval on September 15,2001.

RickB motioned we close the meeting. VJ seconded the motion.
RickB posted the closing prayer.
The meeting was closed at 12:16 AM.