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Minutes for Members meeting March 15, 2001

Ops in attendance: TimF, Sassy, GeorgeW, Amy, TxChuck
Non ops in attendance: Kellen, Charlie, Marie, VJ, Lee, duckfyre, Corinna, Paul, Bob, DougN, Carriesmar

George opened the meeting with prayer at 10:09 p.m.

Amy moved that we accept the minutes for the February meeting as they are posted on the website.
Sassy seconded

6 members voted in favor and 6 members abstained

The minutes were approved.

Old Business

OP Shortage:

George reported that we still have many gaps in our schedule for ops and opened the floor for ideas or suggestions on how to correct this problem.

TxChuck volunteered to fill a couple of the spots.

There were no other comments

New Meeting Time:

Chuck expressed concern that we were taking time away from our regular meeting to hold a business meeting. He thought that for the sake of those who really needed to share at a meeting, it would be better to hold the business meeting before or after our regular meeting.

George stated that we changed the meeting time so that more members could be involved in the decisions that affect our meetings. He noted that even with several people leaving, we still have twice as many people in attendance. He suggested that since the new time was just approved last month, we need to give it some time to see how it will work out. We can look at this again in the future if needed.

Committee Reports

Web Committee Report:

Tim shared the following minutes for the web committee meeting

#SLAA Web Committee Meeting Thursday-8-Mar-01 11:15pm ET

Members present: TimF GeorgeW Sassy Kellen (new) TxChuck (new) Vicki (new)
Members not present: AmyK DavidM RickB RobZ VanAllan (new)

We don't need to conduct a lot of formal business tonight since we've been dormant for two months. What we'd like is for us to all be on the same page and know what is pending; hear new suggestions; assign some people to certain tasks; and plan for another meeting in the first week or two of April.

Here is what is "open" or "pending" items:
1) Put a page full of acronyms on homepage
2) Put an "open letter" on homepage with detailed instructions about mIRC and joining the online room
3) Setting up auto-response message for which also provides link to item 2's open letter
4) I updated the online meeting text at FWS via email but haven't verified that they followed through yet
5) I updated the online meeting text listed on two digests - SARDigest and SLAAdigest - this HAS been verified
6) SLAAsupport digest does not include an "outro" with our information. We might consider sending our info a couple of times each month.
7) Consider whether or not to use as our address - disadvantage is YET ANOTHER banner appears
8) Consider putting an angelfire banner on our homepage to eliminate the popup angelfire banner ad, which is distracting
9) Consider encouraging members to use the Angelfire banner button (whether it is popup OR on our page top) to get an email whenever our page changes – usually once per month after the business meeting minutes are posted
10) Verify that our homepage meets the FWS guidelines
11) Investigate creating a universal page of support links in one links page - perhaps using something like

Sassy stated that she is fine with these current suggestions for our open business.

George noted that he still gets all he requests for information to join #slaa, and has been for almost 2 1/2 years. He again requests help with this and feels like he is being ignored. He further wonders how new members will know what Tim is doing, who is assigned for follow-up, and how the new member getting the instructions will know to whom to write for more help in follow-up. The have the following header:
To: <>
Subject: on line meetings info
Date: Saturday, March 03, 2001 5:57 AM
To: <>
Subject: on%20line%20meetings%20info
Date: Thursday, March 08, 2001 6:04 PM

George also feels the current agenda is ambitious, will need priority setting, and requests that his item be named priority number one.

Tim agreed that George's item is and should be #1, and is disappointed to hear that it hasn't changed. The new email address created in November is set to forward incoming mail to any person email address and was set to mine (Tim's) in November. This is the address published on the two email digests and it was requested that FWS change their anonymous email button from George's personal address to as well. This has all been since November. But we obviously need to check it with a test message.

George noted that he stills gets about 5 to 12 a week. He also feels that the team that responds to new member's requests should be rotated, and not done by any one individual. He suggests that we need to establish the rotating team first, before we implement the mechanism.

Tim explained that that makes sense, but in any case I volunteered and I haven't been getting mail, and so I haven't had the burnout you're reporting. Tim thinks that the team could start as being the Web Committee itself.

George suggested doing the organizing first. Then changing the procedure, as most newbies come from these responses.

Tim said that George's point is well taken. George has been carrying the load for a long time. Tim asked who in the room would like to volunteer to be on rotation for sending a supplied (canned) email to help newbies' requests. George, Tim and Vicki volunteered.

George suggested that we first priority our work.

Tim agreed and suggested that our first priority is to verify where SLAAFWS mail goes. Tim will follow through on this.

Another related priority is setting up the open letter as an HTML page on angelfire and creating a link from our homepage. Sassy and Tim agreed to discuss this later to see who will follow through.

Also to set up an auto-response with Tim will follow through on this after the item above is completed.

And the last priority for now is to write up the actual text message for the auto-response. This has never been drafted. We need to tell the newbie about the open letter link, but also let them know their message HAS been forwarded to a real person who will be in touch for additional support. Tim feels that we should collectively work on this, but Tim will start with a draft in the coming week and email it to the Web Committee. Then we can dialogue about changes or additions, etc. before we actually use it.

George asked that we drop the new site location (Item #7) to avoid advertising and since we all know angelfire.

Tim noted that actually the "new site" is really a new address and would just "redirect" a person to angelfire anyway. Tim also did not like the extra banner ad and would have NO problem with us closing that item from consideration. Sassy agreed.

Tim expressed gratitude about the new members joining the committee.

The meeting was closed at 12:15am ET

Speakers Committee Report:

Tim shared the following minutes from the Speakers Committees last meeting:

#SLAA Speakers' Committee Meeting Fri-9-Mar-01 11:35pm ET

Members present: TimF GoldenI TxChuck (new)
Members not present: ChrisS DeannaR EllaV RobZ

We only started this committee late last year and have only had one speaker
so far: HiJax (Mike) on 12/9/00.

Then this committee became dormant for 2 months, but we are trying to get it in full swing. Our goal is to have one per month. It replaces the regular meeting and can be on any night of the speaker's choosing. Speakers can come
from anywhere - our room - another s-fellowship - or an author or clinician of recovery. They share their ESH for about 20 to 35 minutes, and then can opt to take feedback or not - followed by regular sharing if time permits. Our committee is 6 members and I welcome Chuck to join. We keep in touch via email between one monthly meeting. We report our minutes at the regular Members' Meeting on the 15th of each month.

Tonight's agenda:

We first requested JohnR (the founder of #slaa online) to lead us off, but this has not worked out yet. I believe that he is still willing, but we will need to follow-up with him.

On 11/11/00, I assigned homework to all members, and unfortunately no one followed through. I had forwarded the history of our room, and the assignment was to write a draft of an invitation we could use in general for all speaker requests. Then I would combine the best pieces from everyone's draft and create a new draft for us to approve.

In the meantime, Van suggested we contact Dr. Doug (2/20/01), so I was wrote an invitation from scratch. I did this on 2/23/01 and invited Dr. Doug. So far, we have heard no word. This will require follow-up.

I would still like us to review my invitation and see if it can/should be worded better. I will forward it again to the committee with instructions. Chuck volunteered to help in this project, being an English teacher.

Deanna in the past offered to do a speaker meeting. I spoke to her recently, and we have tentatively penciled in Fri 3/30/01. So we had a speaker in November and now have begun again for March. George has also volunteered to
speak for us at a future speaker's meeting. So we have Dr. Doug and George on the back burner for April and May.

Chuck inquired about getting Dr. Pat Carnes, noting he is big proponent of 12-step SA recovery. Tim responded that we do have Carnes website info and we always considered him, but wanted to have the "bugs" worked out first. We think we're finally at the point where we could confidently approach him.

Van inquired about Ella's attendance. Tim mentioned that he hasn't seen her nor Chris in a long time.

Tim reminded the committee that our email address is, which automatically forwards mail to everyone in the committee anonymously.

Chuck officially joined our Speakers' Committee. Our members are TimF, DeannaR, RobZ, VanL, ChrisS, EllaV, and ChuckI.

Van mentioned that he will be on the road for a week or two, just so we know what's happening if we don't hear from him.

Chuck mentioned that he found a book he picked up at a used bookstore some time ago called "Love and Addiction" written in 1975 by Dr. Stanton Peele. This is yet another author we might consider pursuing in the future.

The meeting was closed at 12:04am ET

New Business

Behavior Guidelines:

George made a few changes to our behavior guidelines and shared them with the group. After each section the floor was opened for comments, questions or concerns. There were a few questions asked for clarification and there was a suggestion that the term owner be changed to chairperson to make it clearer to all members who we were talking about. George will change the language to owner/chair. Tim also suggested that we add the word “preferably” to the part that discussed setting bottom lines with a sponsor. This way those that do not have a sponsor would still be able to meet the requirements for reentry after a ban. There were no other concerns expressed about the proposed changes.

George will post the guidelines with the proposed changes at the SLAA web site so that all members can have some time to review them. We will then vote on the new guidelines at our next members meeting.

Sassy moved to close the meeting
Tim seconded

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00