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Minutes for Members meeting February 15, 2001

Ops in attendance: georgew, TimF, amy
Non ops in attendance: TxChuck, Kellen

George opened the meeting with prayer at 11:15 p.m.

Old Business

Amy moved that the minutes for the February 15th meeting be accepted
Tim seconded
Minutes were accepted

George reminded us that we still need a co-chair. The problem has been that we need to find the requirements, which are buried somewhere in the bylaw meeting data. George will work on finding them.

Committee Reports

None of the committees have met since our last meeting so there were no new committee reports.

New Business

George brought up the problem of an OP shortage. We have lost several people and have only had one replacement. There are currently several gaps in the schedule and there have been no volunteers to fill the gaps. The floor was opened for suggestions.

Amy suggested shortening the guideline of three months recovery time to one month. This would still allow potential OPS enough time to get the feel for how the meetings are run but it would also allow more people to get involved.

George was concerned that one month of recovery time might not be enough to take care of the room.

Tim thought that as long as the person felt confident in being an OP, one month recovery time would be ok.

Amy moved that we change the suggested recovery time for OPS from three months to one month.
Tim seconded
George opened the floor for voting
4 (+) 0 (-) 1 (x) motion passed

The next item of new business was changing the meeting time for our members meeting.

George suggested that once a month, we hold the members meeting in place of our regular meeting. On these nights we would still have a door person who would be able to talk with any newcomers. He suggested that moving it to a weekend night might also allow more people to attend.

Tim liked the idea of changing the meeting time, particularly since 10 out of 12 people at the regular Tuesday night meeting expressed that they were for this idea. He stated that it would allow more people to get actively involved and that since it was only one night a month, it shouldn't be a detriment to any of our recoveries. Tim thinks that keeping the night to the 15th is a good idea because then each month the meeting would fall on a different day of the week. This way, people that might not be able to attend on a particular night of the week could still be involved during all the months that the meeting fell on other nights.

George moved that we hold members meetings on the 15th of each month at 10p.m. EST, with one OP being assigned to the door to greet newcomers.
Amy seconded
George opened the floor for voting
4 (+) 0 (-) 1 (x) motion passed

Tim suggested that the steering committee consider the idea of adding something to our closing scripts that would tell people where they could make 7th tradition contributions if interested.

George said that we would discuss it further at our next steering committee meeting.

Amy moved to close the meeting
Tim seconded
4 (+) 0 (-) 1 (x) motion passed

The meeting was adjourned at 12:24