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Minutes of Business Meeting on Wed. March 15, 2000
The following was the net result of motions passed during the meeting:

Revision of minutes from the February 15th business meeting.
Aussie meetings were added to our official schedule.
Construction of script asking for volunteer leaders for meetings was tabled,
to be re-voted on at the next business meeting.
A meeting schedule of topics was approved for the Noon meetings.

Meeting was opened by Maxine at 11:18 pm EST with the Serenity Prayer

Attendance: 11

6 Operators: georgew Maxine Memlock Mickey Sassy TimF

5 Non-Ops: jhope01 Jimworth Kazu Kranki2 sunshine71

The first order of business was to approve minutes from last business meeting. Sassy presented a request
from Kazu for changes to the minutes from the February 15th meeting.

TimF moved to accept minutes as revised.
Memlock seconded.
Eight (+) Zero (-) Zero (x) 8 of 11 needed. Motion passed.

Next up were reports from the Steering and Web committees. Sassy gave the Steering committee report first - 1. Aussie meetings - Maxine reported that attendance and consistency looked well enough to add the meeting to our "official" schedule at the next members meeting. 2. Script for adding more ops - George played his revised script for the committee. It is still under construction at this time. 3. Noon meetings - After much discussion on reasons for an open sharing meeting format, Maxine suggested that noon meetings be listed as Open Sharing. 4. New member - Memlock (David) was added to the committee. Everyone warmly welcomed him to the Steering committee.
5. Adding the promises to the closing scripts - the Promises from the AA Big Book, (pages 83-84) were agreed upon to add to the closing scripts. The Web Committee report was given next - 1. Links assignments - It is a big project and will take time to complete. Some 30+ links will be added to an invisible page awaiting redesign of web page, and will be a single link from home page. This project will probably take us into the next term of office. 2. Login instructions for mac and pc users are still under construction - We are still awaiting George to rewrite the Macintosh instructions and then for them to be tested by a Macintosh user from scratch.

Maxine looked at the Aussie Meetings first and said that the Steering Committee recommends adding this to our "official" schedule. Without any discussion, a motion was put on the floor by Kazu.

Kazu moved that the Aussie meetings be added to our official schedule.
Kranki2 seconded.
Eight (+) Zero (-) One (x) 8 of 11 needed. Motion passed.

The script asking for volunteers was next reviewed by the group. Maxine played her revised script for everyone. Discussion began with Kazu, who played a shorter version of the script he has that asks for volunteers to lead meetings and he also said that he objected to the term 'leader' in Maxine's script. Sassy commented that she liked the shorter version better. Memlock added, "I think both scripts have very valid value. perhaps a merging...of the best of both?" Then George contributed that he thinks a lot of what is in original script needs to be said and that length should not be an issue as it plays in seconds. Georgew moved to use the script that Maxine presented. Memlock seconded. Upon the first round of voting, the motion appeared to fail. Maxine suggested to leave this topic until further clarification of the 'rules' could be made.

Memlock moved to table this issue while the rules are researched and re-vote at next scheduled meeting.
Mickey seconded.
Six (+) One (-) Zero (x) 6 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

The next area of business was the noon meetings leading schedule. Maxine said that some of these leaders like to have a topic, others like having open discussion and that after much discussion, the Steering committee had suggested leaving it listed as "open" discussion. Maxine then gave a tentative meeting schedule. Kazu commented that some do like subject topics for the meetings. Mickey offered her suggestion, "I'm wondering if it's possible for meeting chairs to submit topics for his/her days to Maxine...and table any decision RE: this for now?" George agreed with Mickey's suggestion but found it wise to not overload Maxine in this responsibility.

Memlock moved all noon meetings be listed as "open".
Kazu seconded.
Two (+) Five (-) One (x) 6 of 10 needed. Motion failed.

Kazu moved that Maxine's topics be used for Noon meetings.
Georgew seconded.
Six (+) Zero (-) Two (x) 6 of 10 needed. Motion passed.

Closing comments were added by Maxine and Sassy. Maxine reminded us that the year of service is drawing to a close for the current "officers" and to start thinking about volunteering for service for the upcoming elections. Sassy gave the Aussie meetings report for Aussie member, Steve, who was not able to attend the business meeting this time. In the report Steve said, "We are now capable of running them [the Aussie meetings] without assistance...We are all very, very grateful for the fact that we can have an online meeting."

Maxine adjourned the meeting and table the remaining business until the next time.

Meeting was closed at 12:21am EST with the Serenity Prayer.