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This website is geared to provide detailed information about the #SLAA Online Group (founded January 30, 1996). 

There are many third-party resources available.  The sheer volume precludes listing them all, but below is a list of some of the most active, powerful, or interesting “forums” with a brief description.  But as always, be careful not to merely “add another resource” to your list.  One or two solid resources are much more efficient and beneficial than twenty that you merely “go through the motions” with.  Check out these groups, boards, and emaillists as you deem appropriate.

SLAAsupport This “group” is registered with SLAA Fellowship Wide Services.  “SLAAsupport is a restricted membership, anonymous mailing support list with no public archives. The list was created for adults in search of support from sex and love addiction.”  If you want to join the list, please email You will receive back a questionnaire to assure the safety of the list members. “This is a safe haven for people of any gender/sexuality, who need help dealing with their ADDICTIVE sexual and/or emotional problems.” “This list is for SLAA, and is private, moderated, and confidential.  Only declared sex and love addicts may join.” “If you are struggling with Sexual Addiction, we invite you to join us.  This group is meant to act as a safe and encouraging venue for all people.   We support both the afflicted and the affected family members.   Our goal is to maintain a 'home group' like atmosphere.  We do this by sharing of ourselves and purposefully steering clear of generally off-topic material and debate.” (a username and password is required, but is very easy to obtain by following the instruction.)  Three web-based “meetings” — Topic Meeting (changes twice monthly and is archived since inception of 7/96); Feedback Meeting and Recovery Byte Café. This Yahoo Group sprung forth from the #SLAA Online Group, but has a membership and direction of its own.  “Welcome to SLAA — A fellowship of people seeking recovery from the pain of addiction” “For the help and recovery through each other from our addiction to sex in all forms. This is to include sex, pornography, cybersex, and any other form our addiction takes us.” Staying Cyber - AA meetings for the WWW has a reasonable number of members posting to a general online recovery “board” that addresses many addictions — including sex and codependency. “This group is a fellowship of couples who use the 12 step principles.  This groups purpose is to help couples find freedom from dysfunctional patterns in relationships.  By using the tools of the program we take individual responsiblity for the well-being of the relationship, build new joy, and find intimacy with each other.  We are couples commited to restoring healthy communication, caring and greater intimacy in our relationships.   We suffer from many addictions and co-addictions; some identified and some not, some treated and some not.  We also come from different levels of brokenness.  Many of us have been separated or near divorce.   Some of us are new in our relationships and seek to build intimacy as we grow together as couples.” has a weekly newsletter with no member sharing.  It does include exercises and valuable information.

About 100 groups are listed at Yahoo!, but please join these various groups carefully.  They are not always geared toward recovery.

A handful of the 500+ groups listed at MSN are related, but please join these various groups carefully.  They are not always geared toward recovery.