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*** NEW!!! SLAA Online Group Inventory 2020 - Report (pdf) ***

SLAA Online Group Inventory 2019 - Report (pdf)

Liaison Report - Upcoming SLAA Events

How to make a 7th Tradition contribution

SLAA FWS ABM 2019 Summary of Motions

*** Twelve Tips on Keeping your Holiday Season Sober & Joyous (pdf) ***

Group Conscience Business Meeting for
First Tuesday of every month in #slaa2
9 pm Eastern Time (Jan, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct & Dec)
12 noon Eastern Time (Feb, May, Aug & Nov)

All are encouraged and welcome to attend.

*Please be advised that our Room requires that you be at least 18 years old to participate*

#SLAA Online Group and S.L.A.A. FWS Announcements:

  1. Our chat room is open 24/7. Even when a meeting is not in progress, if you want or need to share, simply type “!” in this room at any time to request the floor (as this is always the situation).
  2. We always welcome additional operators (trusted servants). If you have three months of self-defined sobriety and are interested, just email to volunteer.
  3. We welcome anyone who cares to make a Step One (or other Step or recovery topic) presentation at one of our meetings; please email if you wish to do this.
  4. Please review our Nominating/Voting page for all the details. 
  5. Please review our Nominating/Voting page for all the details. There is a Members’ Business Meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at 9 pm Eastern Time in #slaa2:All are encouraged and welcome to attend. Send any issues to two weeks in advance for inclusion in the agenda.
  6. S.L.A.A. Fellowship Wide Services is in need of sponsors for their long-distance sponsorship program.  If interested, please visit their
  7. Many members do not have local meetings.  S.L.A.A. Fellowship Wide Services has a bimonthly “meeting in print” called the The Journal which is available by subscription either in paper form  at The Journal or in electronic form at .  They also welcome member submissions to for publication.
  8. SLAA-FWS has made the The First Ten Years of the Journal (9/89-8/99) into three volumes selling for $12(US) each or $33(US) for the entire set. (Each volume is size of SLAA Basic Text.) See The First Ten Years of the Journal to order.
  9. There are a number of SLAA Journal articles on anorexia over the years — SLAA-FWS has printed 23 Journal articles on the topic of Anorexia in a 52-page booklet for $5(US).  See Topic-Oriented Booklets to order.
  10. There are a number of upcoming SLAA conferences or retreats (any .pdf files require Acrobat Reader — a free download from Adobe):
  11. Our group is now collecting its own 7th Tradition. Send checks payable to Susan G. to P.O. Box 166, Sunset Bch CA 90742. Contributions cover maintenance fees of the website and P.O. Box, excess is sent to World Services. We also have PayPal donations on our 7th Tradition Page.
  12. The #SLAA Online Group meetings operate on United States Eastern Time meaning that we observe US Eastern Standard Time in the winter half year and US Eastern Daylight (Saving) Time in the summer half year. 
  13. For the purposes of recognition and security in the room each Member shall choose one nickname upon entering our community for the first time. This name must be a name that is not being used by another member in the room.
    It may come to your attention later that the name you have chosen is already in use, and you may be asked to change your name by an Op.
    Lastly, we ask that each Member use their name and refrain from constant name changing, in order to avoid confusion to others and to the ops who have to verify identities in the room. Name changes due to afk, or disconnect are allowed. Only in compelling circumstance may a name be changed otherwise.
    New members will have a month to choose a nick name.

Please help us to spread the word to local S.L.A.A. meetings about online recovery:         Back to Top

“F2F” is an acronym we use online to mean “face-to-face” or local meetings.

Two of our traditions state:
  • 5) Each group has but one primary purpose — to carry its message to the sex and love addict who still suffers.
  • 11) Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion.

Since we do not advertise, one of the best ways to share the benefits of the #SLAA Online Group is by making announcements about our online group at your local S.L.A.A. meetings.

Some meetings have a time that announcements may be offered or submitted ahead of time in writing.  Sometimes this is done more personally before or after a meeting by mentioning how easy and beneficial participation in our group can be.  If a person is interested, you can simply write down our website address for them to take home. 

Some browsers will allow you to just click on the .pdf file to load it directly into your browser window (for printing).  With other computers, you may need to download the file first and then use Acrobat Reader (freeware), OpenOffice (freeware), or Microsoft Word.   To download these files, right-click the link and choose “save target as” or “save link target as” (depending upon your browser).  Save the file to your desktop, then double-click on the file to open it (or right-click and choose “Open” depending on your operating system).  You must have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view or print the files with a .pdf extension.  You can download the latest version of this free reader (which is easy to download, simple to install, and is provided as a courtesy by Adobe) from

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